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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:C1rca's It's Time

C1rca's It's Time - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: C1rca Films
Released: 2006
Rating: 5 Stars

Adrian Lopez, Colt Cannon, Peter Ramondetta, Jon Allie, Tony Tave, Windsor James, Sierra Fellers, Dennis Durant.

This review of C1rca's, "It's Time" is based on the free DVD packaged with Thrasher Magazine 2006.

Even if your amazingly hot girl friend says her sister wants to have a three-way with you, getting a free sk8 DVD is better. Well not always, but with this free full length video from C1rca... you'll be telling your girl friend that she and her sister have to wait until you see this vid. Then it's no holes barred (did I say that? I meant "no holds"). Anyway...

It's rare that a free video comes along that's this good. Real's Roll Forever comes to mind, but as I say - it's rare. At 30 minutes of skating and and extra 15 minutes after the credits roll, this DVD has all the makings of a vid you'd pay $25 for at a sk8 shop. Each rider has a part interspersed with interesting things. The terrain is cool, diverse and well filmed.

I've said it before, but shoe companies seem to have a knack for making great videos. They're also one of the few categories in the Sk8 industry that can afford to do it right... and give it away. I applaud the freeness of this DVD and the fact that I only had to walk to my mailbox to obtain it.

The flick opens with an "In memory of Harold Hunter" moment, then begins to rage... just like Harold would have (except he was funnier than anyone in this vid).

A great soundtrack accompanied this disc. Perhaps it's my aging tastes showing, but anyone who uses AC/DC and Black Sabbath in their sk8 vids is cool by my standards. There was a good mix of music and none of it sucked. OK, I might not have chosen Gladys Knight for the credits, but I'm no film artiste.

planet sponge bob Just as C1rca has seen fit to give us something for nothing, so have some astronomers of late. I read a headline in the New York Times stating the addition of 2 new planets to our solar system. WOW, I thought. How cool? I should really buy a telescope. Then I read further to find that they have simply adjusted the definition of "planet" to include two pieces of miscellaneous space-crap as planets. Nothing new - just some astro-wank trying to get 15 minutes of fame. I say he deserves 15 minutes of anal-rape!

Take your Star Trek-induced fantasies and go find a real planet - don't mess with my solar system, dammit. BTW- Planet Hollywood is a restaurant. Not a very good one, but it's not a celestial entity. Soon, the Nickelodeon network will be announcing the discovery of Planet Sponge Bob, at which point schools will be forced to update both text books and teaching curriculums to accommodate this new information.

As you may know Sponge Bob was purported to live in a pineapple under the sea, so it would be a costly undertaking to re-write history books to explain how he wound up in space. It would also set off a chain reaction of fact checking surrounding this news. For example if Sponge Bob actually is an orbiting planet, how could Dr. Robert Ballard have encountered him while documenting his discovery of the Titanic's wreckage? You see? Everything is inter-connected. Don't mess with FACT! Mercury to Pluto - that's it, no more planets please.

I've never owned a pair of C!rca shoes, but if they make shoes the way they make films I might want to pick up a pair. Perhaps It's Time I bought a new poir of shoes. Dollar for dollar, I'd start with this free DVD. You'll dig it.

The Bottom Line

If you weren't fortunate enough to get this free DVD with your Thrasher subscription or at your local sk8 shop, you may want to hunt around on ebay. It's Time and it's worth it!

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