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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Joe Kid on a Stingray - The History of BMX

Joe Kid on a Stingray - The History of BMX - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: John Swarr & Mark Eaton
Released: 2005
Rating: 5 Stars

Ernie Alexander, Perry Kramer, Brian Blyther, Harry Leary, Scot Breithaupt, Pete Loncarevich, Mike Buff, Thom Lund, Travis Chipres, Ceppie Maes, David Clinton, Kevin Martin, Mike Devitt, Maurice Meyer, Mike Dominguez, Dennis McCoy, Mark Eaton, Dave Mirra, Eddie Fiola, Ryan Nyquist, Hugo Gonzales, Bob Osborn, Byron Friday, Rl Osborn, Bob Hadley, Windy Osborn, Bob Haro, John Palfreman, Kenan Harkin, Gary Pollak, Bubba Harris, Jim Pratt, Toby Henderson, John Purse, John Dizz Hicks, Eddie Roman, Greg Hill, Pat Romano, Mat Hoffman, Eric Rupe, Woody Itson, Kathy Sessler, Kevin Jackson, Warwick Stevenson, Andy Jenkins, Steve Swope, Kevin Jones, Stu Thomsen, Spike Jonze, Rick Twomey, Tinker Juarez, Jeff Utterback, John Ker, Dave Voelker, Ron Wilkerson, Kip Williamson.

If you're at all into retro bikes, you can't ignore the Schwinn Stingray. It hailed from a time when people wanted something different and people were different. If you ever popped a wheelie or build a jump ramp, you'll love this movie. Narrated by Jesse James, you'll hear about the 30 year history of BMX from those who made it happen.

Evel Knievel was my hero - who am I kidding? He still is - and like a lot of kids, I wanted my bike to look more like a motorcycle. I wanted to ride it like a motorcycle. I wanted to jump everything in site. I wasn't alone.

A whole generation of kids were out there doing the same crazy stuff I was. Since this was before the advent of the internet, no one knew. Despite that the popularity of BMX took off from grass roots events to folks who learned to build a better bike. Pro riders like Mat Hoffman have propelled the sport and graceful art of BMX into the forefront.

Joe Kid on a Stingray - The History of BMX will take you back to Scot Breithaupt who started the first organized races in Long Beach in 1970 and shows vintage footage of old BMX races. Its all here told by those who helped create it's history. There's more to BMX than what you see today. Stroll back in time and see how exciting it was to be pioneering a new sport.

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