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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Toy Machine's Jump Off A Building

Toy Machine's Jump Off A Building DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 1998
Rating: 4 Stars

Brandon Dicamillo, Kerry Getz, Mike Maldonado, Bam Margera, Chris Senn, Elissa Steamer, Ed Templeton and Brian Anderson.

This is a review based on the 2003 re-released video on DVD as part of the Toy Machine box set containing: Heavy Metal/Live, Welcome To Hell and Jump Off A Building.

For those who've laughed hysterically through Bam's CYK series of videos will recognize most of that footage on this disc - of the prank nature. The DVD opens with Bam and Brandon driving a car over various road signs and bushes. Later we see our H.I.M.-loving hero leap off a fairly high balcony, in a shopping mall, into the fake pond below. Quite a splash and a ballsy stunt to boot. But the skating is what makes this disc so awesome. The CKY discs never have enough skating to even call them sk8 videos - although they're funny as hell.

The rawness of the footage and the rage in the soundtrack will quickly take you back to 1998 when this gem was first foisted on the skating public. All the skaters rip.

Elissa Steamer's part is way too short and she takes a nasty head-smacking slam. She's one of the few girls who skates hard. You can just tell she's a tough chick. In fact she's the one jumping off the bridge on the DVD's cover.

Chris Senn pulls a cool run for the camera then takes off downhill at high speed ripping tricks that the camera can barely keep up with. Now THAT is skateboarding. Seeing such a feat makes you mad when you have to see someone trying a handrail forty times to perfection. Senn just did what he wanted - thankfully the camera guy caught the essence of his post-trick run.

Even if you're not into the retro thing and you like skating on a popsicle-style deck - go get this video!

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