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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Thrasher's King of the Road 2004 "Highway To Hell"

Thrasher's King of the Road 2004 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: High Speed Productions
Released: 2004
Rating: 3 Stars

Jeff Grosso, Ben Schroeder, Lance Mountain, Darren Navarrette, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Jereme Rogers, Brian Anderson, Darrell Stanton, Ernie Torres, Dennis Busenitz, Peter Ramondetta, Tony Trujillo, Chris Haslam, Greg Lutska, Daewon Song, Ryan Sheckler, Cooper Wilt, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Jon Allie, James Brockman, Tommy Sandoval.

20 skaters on 4 teams traveling 15,000 miles over 2 weeks - making tricks, earning points and having a blast. Sounds good to me. Where's my invitation? Speaking of looking for things... where the hell is the scene selection ability on this DVD? Non-existent would be the answer. Drat - that's a bummer

Skate Coach was one of the best best comic conventions to be used on the pages of Thrasher. Using the Coach as the into character to KOTR was brilliant as they might say in the UK. Judged by Mark Whitely and Jake Phelps, the 4 teams worked their way through the list of dirty deeds to be carried out at various spots in predetermined cities. Occasionally there were times when it was necessary to take one for the team and grind a rail naked or make-out with some chick's mom... all in a day's competition.

The Four Teams

The four teams were: Girl, Real, Almost and Zero. Each team had to locate a mystery guest to join their crew.

Cool skate footage combined with a unique twist on the classic road trip, makes this DVD a lot more fun than the 2003 one. Give it a whirl.

Bonus Stuff

P-Stone's Carbondale Bonus, Showdown at the Duffy Rail, Rick howard -vs- Salba, Why Peter Had to Go and The Peppermints.

The Peppermints

There's something about girl-bands that always attracts my attention. Girls rock and I dig that. Chicks that thrash are in a class by themselves, leaving the "poppy" gals in the dust. Look at the success of The Donnas, Sleater Kinney or even Joan Jett - very successful and they all stand apart from other bands.

With rabid fervor, gritty rock energy and 5 years of mayhem and tours at their back, San Diego's most unruly daughters and son make their full-length debut on Pandacide Records. The Peppermints were careful to use only the finest dirt-covered Lo-Fi analog tape was used to capture the 12 furious rock blast that are Sweet Tooth Abortion. Nothing else could bring you closer to the white-hot, yet candy-sweet, sonic epicenter of garage spawned carnage.

The ‘Mints story begins in 1997 in a town called Bonsall, an hour North of San Diego with 3 ripe and angry 17 year-old girls ditching school to play rock & roll. As the years went on, the members changed and rearranged until finally arriving at the current line-up of Lil, M-ron, & Grim.

Thrashing and trashing their present hometown of San Diego and touring relentlessly for the past few years, they are a riot rock family with songs like The Flu, watch out or you'll catch it, too!

The Bottom Line

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