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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Transworld's Let's Do This

Transworld's Let's Do This DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jon Holland & Jason Hernandez
Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Brian Brown, Clint Peerson, Peter Smolik, Devine Calloway, Emmanuel Guzman.

Brian Brown starts off Transworld's Let's Do This skating New York City. He talks about how he digs the chaos and unpredictability of NYC. From ollieing bums to zipping through sketchy areas, New York offers a lot of terrain and oddball local that you won't find anywhere else.

Having lived there myself, I can attest to the horrible street conditions you can encounter. Sidewalks are often repaired with heaps of asphalt and finding a puddle of vomit is not uncommon. Taxi drivers WILL kill you if you get in there path. Skating NYC is an art unto itself - beyond mere skateboarding. It's survival, but Brown makes it look relaxed, fun and exciting. (Its really scary and bizarre - don't be fooled).

There's a refreshing diversity to Let's Do This. Brian in NYC is followed by Clint Peterson cruising downtown Los Angeles and Peter Smolik tells us why he digs the San Diego scene.

Peter Smolik returns to public view in this flick. For those who ask, "Where've you been?", he attests he's been doing his own thing and didn't do any disappearing act. He's just living his life. A cool facet to this DVD, in addition to great skating, is the way they weave some personal aspects of the riders into the mix.

At 35 minutes and 5 rider parts (and a montage) Let's do this ends with a bang!

Guzman skates to Suicidal Tendencies' Trip to the Brain. Doesn't that say it all? How can you not rip when your part is set to ST? He has a lot of pool footy - our favorite. This disc rocks and hopefully leads Transworld away from their former cookie-cutter approach to skate videos.

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