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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Volcom's Let's Live

Volcom's Lets Live DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Peanut & Dustin Dollin
Studio: Veeco
Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Shane Cross, dustin Dollin, Lewis Marnell, Chris Wood, Keiran Reilly, Stevo Dugec, Shane Azar, Jake Duncombe, Chima Ferguson, Joe Peas, Mark Appleyard, Rune Glifberg, Darrell Stanton, Nick Trapasso.

Dedicated to the memory of Shane Cross, Let's Live is actually a favored quote of Shane's, There's a lot of cool footy of him, but they also let the team comment on how he touched their lives. He seemed like an extraordinary person.

Let's Live is a very cool vid - lots of great skating from down under, but they also take the time to showcase the team as individuals. From interviews and non-sk8 scenes, Volcom lets you see their riders as people, not just as pro skaters. Filmed in Australia, China, Brazil, Japan, USA, Dubai, Spain, Thailand, and New Zealand give ample footy for the 50 minutes of quality skate mayhem.

Dollin's has the first part - after the requisite slam fest shots - and he was right on par and killed it. This guy is insane - both on and off his board. Every team needs a rabble-rouser and Dustin fits the bill for Volcom. Injecting some craziness is often just what you need to get things going.

I tried to buy a hat from In ‘n Out burger and their site was down. Then I tried to download a video from PuzzleVideo and their site was down. This just isn't the day for hats and free videos.
In N Out Burger Hat

While trying to concoct more pithy drivel for this review, I was able to order an In ‘N Out Burger hat. If you're in the Cali area look them up - they make damn good burgers.

Speaking of things that are damn good... Volcom's Let's Live is a damn good skate vid completely worthy of your collection. Everybody rips and they've got some cool filming techniques that won't bore you silly like so many drably filmed flicks. It's good all around, so go buy a copy and make sure you charge your friends an appropriate fee to watch it. Nothing in life is free.

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