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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Logic Skateboard Media #11

Logic Skateboard Media #11 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Two Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Mike Range
Studio: Logic Skateboard Media
Released: 2002
Rating: 2 Stars

Gerson Mosley, Spencer Fujimoto, Enrique Lorenzo, Henry Sanchez, Chris Cole, Jack Curtain, Jeremy Holmes, Stefan Janoski, Mike Rosa, Marcos Gomez, Daniel Lebron, Raul Nevaro, Nick Matlin, Josh Dowd, Hohn Buchanan, Danny Renaud Chris cole, Stephan Janowski, Henry Sanchez and many more...

Here's a cool thing about Logic: they know that there's a ton of talent out there that is NOT sponsored and NOT professionals. Logic tries to give the little guy a chance, as long as he doesn't suck. If you're looking for 5 seconds of fame, Logic may be your salvation. If you want to see a video that isn't packed with the usual pros, give the Logic series a chance.

Gershon Mosley starts things off with a cool street part before Jack Curtain and Jeremy Holmes. The travel section takes us to Barcelona Spain and Mike Rosa finishes things up. Overall, I wasn't terribly impressed with this version. Others are dead-on and showcase some really awesome skaters. This time out (#11), the skaters seemed sort of bland.

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