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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Logic Skateboard Media #7

Logic Skateboard Media #7 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jim Hodgson & Mike Range
Studio: Logic Skateboard Media
Released: 2001
Rating: 4 Stars

Caine Gayle, Danny Gonzalez, Patrick Tucker, Ryan Nix, Danny Renaud, Chris Head, Seth Cheeks, Ed Templeton, Paul Machnau, Chad Muska, Forest Kirby, Anthony Mosley, John Igei, German Nieves, Jimmie Lannon, Mike Wright, Colt Cannon, Frank Gerwer, Tom Krauser, Steve Vanasco, Andrew Bautista, Tim Achille, Paul Rodriguez, Dave Massey, Dustin Charlton, Avi Luzia, Alex Savin, Nick Matlin, Hohn Bucanan, Cameron PoshForoosh,Aaron Babblia, Paul Shier, Chris Snaidy, Kenny Fuji, Steve Brandi, Paul Machnau, Danny Gonzalez, JP Jaheed, Chad Muska.

Here's the cool thing about Logic: they know that there is a lot of talent out there that is NOT sponsored and NOT professionals. Logic tries to give the little guy, as long as he doesn't suck, a chance.

The Logic crew traveled Coast to Coast filming in New York, San Francisco, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, San Diego, New Jersey and of course Los Angeles. Logic 7 is the first skate film to feature both an East Coast Director (Jim Hodgson) and a West Coast Director (Mike Range). Logic #7 features the first video part Danny has done since injuring his knee, shooting for The Reason, one and a half years ago. Danny comes back strong with original tricks that very few others can do. Cayne Gayle, always one of the fastest and most reliable skaters continues to go bigger and bigger.

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