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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Logic Skateboard Media #9

Logic Skateboard Media #9 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Logic Skateboard Media
Released: 2001
Rating: 3 Stars

Mike Taylor, Paul rodriguez, Dustin Charlton, Phil Mackie, Rob Dyrdek, Tim Achille, Diego Bucchieri, Bryan London, Ryan Nix, Caswell Berry, Jerry Hsu, Jake Nunn, Kareem Campbell, Clrlos Young, Omar Salazar, Aaron Babilia, Dan Pencil, Casey Rigney, Jake Jones, Sotaco Kuriki, Romulo Pereira, Kelly Hart, Jainie Tesch, Kyle Demers, Jon Janeway, Donny Binaco, Spanky, Van Wastel, Andre Genovesi, Ian Reid, Cooper Wilt, Jason Wussler, Jeremiah Vance, Rich addler, Matt Pailes, German Nieves TRevor Prescott, Rob Welsh, Henry Sanchez, Satua Leunj, Matt field, Pat Washington, Mike Rosa, John Buchanan, Nick Matlin, Jason Masse, Anthony Acosto, Patrick Tucker, Pete Smolik, Even Hernandez, Jeremiah Babb, Marty Muroski, Randy Wilson, Kenyata, Chad Rincover, Milton Nieves, Larry Blossom, Cory Nenema and more...

Here's a cool thing about Logic: they know that there's a ton of talent out there that is NOT sponsored and NOT professionals. Logic tries to give the little guy a chance, as long as he doesn't suck. If you're looking for 5 seconds of fame, Logic may be your salvation. If you want to see a video that isn't packed with the usual pros, give the Logic series a chance.

This edition (#9) didn't excite me the way most Logic videos do. Most of the riders were pretty standard, nothing special. Jason Wussler did a lot of street stuff in various plaza settings. Then Jeremiah Vance hit a bunch of handrails. From there several riders had major parts; Rich Adler, Spanky, Matt Pailes, German Nieves and Trevor Prescott.

Of course there were tons of 5 second trick shots of a bunch of pros and amateurs.

Bonus Stuff

Slams & Wipeouts, Montages, Time Lapse (with a few shots of NYC's Twin Towers) and Sponsor Commercials.

Not to go too far off topic, but just the few glimpses of the World Trade Center towers in New York makes me reflect back to 9/11/01 and wonder what's really accomplished. They found no nukes or bio-bombs in Iraq, they can't find Osama (how can it be so difficult to find a guy who's on dialysis?) and the economy is still crap. Thanks George Bush for doing nothing but steal money for yourself and your little crew of criminal politicians. Its a shame the Bush administration is going so far to ruin this country and people are still too stupid to see how careless he is with American lives.

The Bottom Line

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