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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:éS - Menikmati

ESs Menikmati DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2001
Rating: 5 Stars

Arto Saari, Ronnie Creager, Rodrigo Tx., Tom Penny, Rick McCrank, Bob Burnquist and Eric Koston.

The obvious question would be what does "Menikmati" mean?
We don't know. So anyway...

Filmed in Finland, California, Brazil, England, Canada and Thailand, Menikmati is one of those must-have DVDs. The skating is killer and the sk8 vibe runs high. This flick makes you want to go sk8. It should be in your collection as it will be one of those films that is referenced over and over. (Not that you should buy it as a good reference source or even because you may find yourself at a cocktail party where people in expensive sport jackets are making clever references to it and chuckling amongst themselves and you want to feel like a part of their inner-circle of witty cohorts who engage in skateboard conversations over martinis or other high-brow drinks that most skaters would scoff at anyway, but rather because it's a really well made film with lasting appeal far greater than those sport-coat-wearing fools will ever know.)

Here's what I learned about Finland from watching Menikmati:

  • The weather isn't as bad as you might imagine for a Nordic country.
  • Most good skate spots get knobbed or otherwise sk8-proofed.
  • Traffic is a bitch and it will take you hours to get to a spot that has been knobbed.

Don't think the learning has stopped just because the éS crew jumped a flight to Vancouver, Canada. There's plenty to learn there as well. Rick McCrank - with a name like that he should be in BMX, ya know, pedals... crank... McCrank. OK, whatever.

Vancouver has very mild climate despite how far north is appears (actually, it doesn't appear to be in the North, it is in fact up North). It rains all year long, but a little less in Summer. Its also near a lot of good snowbaord territory and Rick speaks of his passion for snowboarding. We like snowboarding too and cant wait for the chill to set in so we can smoke cigarettes and eat cotton-candy on the chair-lift. Hmm... that was weird. McCrank is then shown out in a field where he's laid out about a dozen sheets of plywood. In the midst of this snow-covered field, Rick - on a skateboard - is towed by a snowmobile. A unicorn would have been cooler - in a snow-covered field and all - but they're hard to come by (unless you strap a cone onto the head of a pony and pretend).

Thailand isn't all about decadent sex-tours and impish ladyboys, it's also the birthplace of Eric Koston. Born in Bangkok, his family moved to Cali just 8 months after his birth. Not having known much about this land, he went back to explore its history. He found a lot of pollution and the ability to buy off local security guards for $2.00 US. That's a small price to pay for a "legalized" sk8 session.

But it's not all about learning, in fact it's all just about skating and Menikmati has a lot of damn good skating.

The Bottom Line

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