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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Clyde Singleton's Minority Report

Clyde Singleton's Minority Report - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Clyde Singleton
Released: 2007
Rating: 3 Stars

Anthony Williams, Kevin Taylor, Lamare Hemmings, Darrell Stanton, Clyde Singleton, Josh Sierra, Kellen James, Nyjah Huston, Jeremy Holmes, Alex Davis, Javier Nunez, Tony Montgomery, German Nieves, Shawn Owens, Willy Santos, Malcolm Watson, Reshad Turner, Mike Rosa, Jahmal Williams and more...

What! No token white guy??

Attention people of color... Clyde Singleton has assembled the best riders out there, told the paler riders to go home and let the cameras roll. Minority Report is sponsored by Diamond Supply, Zoo York, Podium Distribution, FTC, theHundreds, Venture Trucks, Listen Skateboards, Deluxe Distribution and Gold Wheels.

This montage based flick contains some sick skating. Without defined parts, everyone tears it up in quick succession. The only drawback is the length - a paltry 20 minutes. That sucks, but when the skating is this good, it's natural to want more of it. And while I'm bitching... there's no bonus material. Well, maybe there is and its so cleverly hidden (or I'm just too dumb to find it). When you reach the end the flick starts playing again from the beginning - no menus or anything.

The soundtrack is very cool. I expected to be inundated with hip-hop, but I was pleasantly surprised to find some great rap tracks strewn from beginning to end. The music definitely amps the vibe of this video.

With testimonials on the back cover from Tony Hawk and Johnny Knoxville, how can you go wrong? As long as you don't mind the short length... you can't!

The Bottom Line

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