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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Monster Garage - RV Skateboard Half Pipe

Monster Garage - RV Skateboard Half Pipe DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2003
Rating: 3 Stars

Tony Hawk, Rick Thorne, Jesse James, Mike McIntire, Kevin Jenkins, Jason Jesse, Joe McCluskey, Chris Aitiaga, Steve Cadena, Jeff King and Nigel Benjamin.

Discover Channel's most popular show, Monster Garage, is the home base for the legendary Jesse James. The great-great-grandson of the rebel of the same name and owner of West Coast Choppers, and his team are going to transform a 1987 Winnebago Suncruiser into a mobile half pipe on wheels! The garage jocks and engineers take the challenge head on, to build a completely unique vehicle in just seven days with a budget of only $3,000.

Tony Hawk

Jesse James along with Tony Hawk and BMX pro Rick Thorne, skate park designer Mike McIntyre and RV expert Kevin Jenkins turn a beast of an RV into a traveling ramp. Additionally, they want to be able to ride the ramp while driving the RV! If they pull off this feat, each member of the team gets a $3,400 set of tools.

After designing the ramp in Autocad, they decide to build a ramp 12-feet wide with an 8-foot transition and 10-feet of flat-bottom. Armed with sledge hammers, the team guts the enitre interior of the the RV. Tony Hawk is familliar with this particular RV as he and a sk8 team spent 6 weeks living in it on a tour (an odd coincidence - or not). Next they use Sawzalls to remove the sides, rear and roof of the RV from the steering wheel to the rear bumper.

Soon they make a critical discovery: the opening on the garage is only 11-feet wide. The RV won't fit out unless they narrow the width. A coin toss determines whether they go 8 or 10-feet. Ten-feet won. They built a steel frame for the entire ramp and attached it so one roll-out was over the cab of the RV and the other hung over the rear bumper. They added a sound system, donated by a local shop, and the sounds were pumping.

Rick Thorne

A few finishing touches were also added like side pipes. James said there's no point in building a spectacle like this if they don't hear it coming before they see it. Jason Jesse added custom side pipes giving the RV a noticable sound as he stomped on the gas. They also pointed out that jason Jesse, a former pro skateboarder, was nearly brain-dead at times. He seemed totally tweaked until he got on a deck and thrashed the ramp as he did in days gone by.

They finished the project with 52 cents to spare - cutting things pretty close - and took the beast out for a celibratory run. Under the cover of darkness, they rolled out as several guys rode the ramp. Everything worked to spec - amazing!

The final test was taking the RV to Venice Beach the next day. A local punk band set up in the parking lot and jammed as Rick and Tony hit the ramp. The crowd seemed stoked. Tony did a 540 and Rick did a backflip.

The Bottom Line

If you can't find this one in the discount bin, rent it. The Discovery Channel store tends to be insanely expensive.

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