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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Nike's Nothing But The Truth

Nothing But The Truth - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Lionel Goldstien
Released: 2007
Rating: 5 Stars

Brian Anderson, Chet Childress, Reese Forbes, Clark Hassler, Gino Iannucci, Stefan Janoski, Todd Jordan, Lewis Marnell, Lance Mountain, Dan Murphy, Paul Rodriguez, Omar Salazar, Daniel Shimizu, Danny Supa, Grant Taylor, Weiger Van Wageningen

Its hard to talk about Nike and skateboarding without stumbling into some of the "big business" arguments lately. For me the Nike brand conjures up images of large team sports and gigantic product endorsements. Skateboarding seems too small to allow the might of the Swoosh into it's midst. Too often we see the nike Swoosh logo on Golf and Tennis shirts. Its not the first logo I expect to see on a skate shirt (if there is such a thing).

Before I get into a rant against big business and how many of them are ruining the skateboard industry...
"Nothing But The Truth" is an awesome film that certainly has to be counted among the most amazing skate flicks out there.

From the opening sequence, this flick airs of money and high production values - in a good way. The set must have looked like a Hollywood production as opposed to a couple of guys running from the police while clinging to their fisheye cam. The team is in a house that is in-transit on a huge flatbed trailer. The premise of the film is each rider gets to create a "mini-movie" for their part and they have to explain their visions to the "suits".

They have a lot of good gags in these segments and they break up the skate parts with quite a lot of diverse footage. You can almost get absorbed in the sub-plots and forget this is all part of a skateboard video. They incorporate some hot chicks and enough vomit to drown a small village. Maybe Nike isn't a big stuck-up company after all. Who knows.

Set a side your hatred for big business and enjoy this big-budget flick full of amazing riders, incredible skating and enough entertainment value to kill a small horse - also known as a pony. This is a must-have flick that holds lots of re-play value and brings together a lot of elements that most skate companies can't afford to do. Enjoy the excess of it all and remember there are a lot of Swoosh-less shoe companies that have helped to build up the skateboard industry.

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