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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Thrasher's On The Road

Thrasher's On The Road - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Bryce Kanights
Studio: High Speed Productions
Released: 1994
Rating: 3 Stars

Marcus Valdez, Peter Bici, Matt Pailes, Phil Shao, Brad Johnson, Larry Bradley, Tony Richey, Bob Latham, Bob Wakeland, Chris Saylor, Jay Marsh, Greg Caroll, Danny Humes, Chad Adams, Chad Knight, Pat Smith, Chad Kramer, Wade Speyer, Sean Gulla, Brian Howard, Dan Drehobl, Donny Barley, Andy MacDonald, Ozzi Ausband, Mike Speranzo, Kelly Ryan, Bam Margera, Ryan Hickey, Harold Hunter, Stevie Williams, Reese Forbes, Ricky Oyala, Fred Gall, Jeff Pang, Lance Conklin, Heath Kirchart.

Originally released on VHS in 1994, On The Road is part of Thrasher Magazine's Skate Video Collection which consists of their first 18 videos.

Over the course of 25 days, 6,000 miles, 32 tanks of gas and 2 citations Thrasher Magazine filmed their Summer Tour for your viewing pleasure. And what a pleasure it is.

The Thrasher crew travels across the USA hitting skate parks, spots and visiting skate camps from San Fran to Orlando. As always they scoop up a great mix of skaters and film all sorts of odd stuff along with the skating. They ride concrete parks, indoor parks and some killer vert ramps at the Woodward sk8 camp in PA.

There's no real theme other than having a good time. On The Road is packed with good music.

They officially hit the following towns...
San Francisco, Ft. Collins, Reading, NYC, Philly, Beltsville MD, Washington DC, Chesapeake VA, Orlando and the Skate Park of Tampa in FL.

The Bottom Line

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