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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:ON Video skateboarding - Spring 2001

ON Video skateboarding - Spring 2001 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2001
Rating: 4 Stars

Arto Saari, Elissa Steamer, Paul Machanau, Erik Ellington, Marc Johnson, Chad Barti, Aaron Suski, Andrew Reynolds, Justin strubing, Bam Margera, Tosh Townend, Jake Rupp, Rob Dyrdek, Mark McKee, Tim O'Connor, Jason Dill, Stefan Janoski, Dave Duren, Paul Zitzer, Buster Halterman, Mike Crum, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Jeremy Wray, Ryan Kenreich, Scotty Cameron, Mike Maldonado, Kerry Getz, Daniel Cardone, Brian Lotti, Ryan Johnson, Ed Templeton and a lot more...

Video magazines can be very cool - especially this one - too bad the ON Video folks are no longer producing episodes. Like a regular magazine, video mags are non-denominational -or- they aren't team or brand centric. They just cover a lot of interesting stuff, interview cool people and show you all sorts of rad spots. I'm really surprised there aren't more of these sort of things - they must cost too much to produce. As far as I know only the 411VM guys are still doing the video mag format.

They do a Pros Choice spotlight on Elissa Steamer, who does a quick segment complete with a slam involving some stitches. It's cool to see a girl get a segment... even if it's short.

Blunder Down Under documents the Emerica team's tour through Australia, including Melbourne. The main blunder I saw was Erik Ellington grinding a handrail right into a woman who was passing by. He totally clocks her and brings her to the ground. Apparently she was fine and got up and went on her way. Try THAT in the USA - you'd probably get sued!

The Cribs segment with rob Dyrdek features his SK8 house in Los Angeles, his "nice" (free of lay-about skaters) house in San Diego and his training facility which is a huge warehouse. I'm not into the whole Cribs thing. It seems to be about telling the world how much money you have - lame. If you have to advertise your wealth, you probably aren't that wealthy. Anyhow, it's how you spend it not how much you hoard it. Yeah, nice car Rob.

Turning Japanese (an amazingly over-used phrase for anything pertaining to Japan) details the Element team touring the Far East.

There's a quick feature on skateboard artist Mark McKee. I dig segments like this that talk about people in the industry, but not pro skaters. Seemed like an interesting dude.

The final segment showcased the legendary Hubba Ledge. Part of a long over-head pedestrian walkway, the Hubba ledge offers one of the most dangerous ledges of legend. One side has a 40-foot drop. Ouch! Thrasher Magazine first featured the ledge on film in 1989 and skaters from all over the world have come to session it. It was finally knobbed (skate proofed). Apparently, the area was also home to a bevy of crackheads who enjoyed the seclusion of the area.

The Bottom Line

Being out of print, your best bet may be to buy this one off ebay.

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