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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:ON Video skateboarding - Winter 2003

ON Video skateboarding - Winter 2003 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2003
Rating: 5 Stars

Kris marchovich, Kristian Svitak, Dustin Dollin, Natas Kaupas, Brad Hiser, Don Nguyen, Dorrian Tucker, Charlie Thomas, Richi Belton and Steve Berra.

I dig video magazines... if they're done well. ON Video does them well - or at least they did before they stopped making them.

We all see the videos where pro skaters give their broken boards away at contests. Some even give away rideable setups. Not Kristian Svitak. He keeps them as historical mementos which is pretty damn cool. He lays his collection of more than 280 decks - from 1988 to present - out on his driveway. He keeps them in chronological order and can speak to various points in his career based o the decks he was riding at the time. I'm jealous... and I'm never gonna throw anything away again - ever!

There are a slew of commercials on here - but not in a bad way. The Duffs "Birth" commercial is here among others. Wild concept. I'd love to work for the ad agency that presented this idea.

From here on out we enter Natas-land where we learn all things about Natas Kaupas. For instance, he grew up in South Santa Monica where he just did his own thing and didn't really pay any attention to what was happening in skateboarding. Compared to what he was doing - nothing was going on in skateboarding. He hooked up with Mark Gonzales and began skating with him. Natas won a contest where his prize was an SMA board. He looked up Skip Engblom, of SMA, and became a sponsored rider.

Natas got a part in Santa Cruz's "Streets on Fire" video and his name started getting out. He was doing things no one else was doing like wall-rides, handrails and that infamous spin atop a fire hydrant. He was defining street skating and got the first ever pro model shoe with Etnies in 1988. Of course his popularity had to be dragged down by moronic parents who suddenly noticed his name was Satan spelled backwards. Both trigger-happy and uncultured, none of them bothered to discover that he was Lithuanian and Natas is a very common name there. Oops.

This DVD really spoke to Natas' contribution to skateboarding. He has gone on as an artist to become creative director for a variety of venue including Larry Flint's publication, RAGE - which started as an artsy Playboy type rag and quickly descended into hardcore porn. As a semi-retired pro skater, Natas still pursues graphic design in skateboarding.

Bonus Stuff

Natas' complete part in Streets on Fire, Bam discusses Natas, photos and Natas' design portfolio.

The Bottom Line

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