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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Powell Peralta's Propaganda

Powell Peralta's Propaganda - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Stacy Peralta & C.R. Stecyk
Released: 1990
Rating: 4 Stars

Salman Agah, Ray Barbee, Bradley, Steve Caballero, Lance Conklin, Dominguez, Diaz, DeJesus, Fowlie, Nicky Guerrero, Gaines, Harris, Tony Hawk, Hill, Hirata, Kekitch, Kho, Toth, Bucky Lasek, Manzoori, Cameron Martin, McCann, Mike McGill, Collin McKay, Mortimer, Lance Mountain, Plass, Prieto, Roach, Steve Saiz, Suriel, Sanderson, Thomas, Tominen, Underhill, Valdes, Washburn, Per Welinder

Seventh in the Bones Brigade series, Propaganda features Stacy Peralta at his usual best. The intro scene finds Lance Mountain chasing after his board (and running around like an idiot) as a TV announcer tells us skateboarding has been outlawed.

Delving deeper into video editing, Peralta uses 1-second clips to demonstrate repetition in tricks - hysterical effect that gets funnier the more it is repeated. First off we get a look at a 70's slalom and street contest - ah, those were the days I guess. Cameron Martin does a cool black & white freestyle segment ending with a one-wheel downhill manual.

There's a session at the Visalia YMCA camp by which time it can't go un-noticed that Tony Hawk is continually wearing this wide (totally gay) headband. The fashion police should have beaten him down over this one - or a team mate. Some one tell the dude to take off that stupid headband!

Lori Rigsby has a part where she talks about her backyard ramp and being a female skater. Must have been tough back in those days. Ray Barbee kills in his part. That kid is all over with both street and mini-ramp sessions. Not letting go of the notion that vert was fading, Bucky Lasek does justice to vert on a big halfpipe. Not to be shown up, Caballero put in a great ramp session as well then they go have a picnic in a scenic meadow by a river. OK, I made that part up.

There's a slumber party at the Bones Brigade headquarters involving and all night sk8 jam in the warehouse park. Things end with Lance Mountain's part where he more than makes up for the goofy intro segment he did.

The Bottom Line

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