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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Blockhead's Recycled Rubbish

Recycled Rubbish - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Dave Bergthold
Released: 1991
Rating: 3 Stars

Jason Dill, Rick Jaramillo, Laban Pheidias, Dan Rogers, Jeremy Wray, Mark Wyndham, Brian Boyd, Mike Sinclair, Eric Conner, Chris Carlstrom, Andy Brayman, Billy Penny, Ron, Lemen, Steve Teague, Mark Garris, Omar Hassan, Eric Kirkwood, Dave Meatty, Dave Bergthold, Jeff Taylor, Otis Christian, Sam Cunningham.

In addition to Recycled Rubbish, this DVD also contained 2 other Blockhead films; Debbie Does Blockhead and Girl Trouble.

Blockhead Skateboards logo

Skate flicks from this era always have a good energy. I'm not talking about some holistic tree-hugging feeling. Flicks like Recycled Rubbish amp you up and make you want to go skate and have some fun. Too many vids seem like they're trying too hard to make a statement. Blockhead opens the video with the Cat-In-The-Hat skating around. Now, that's fun!

And putting some NY on the end of "fun", it's funny to see Jason Dill as a kid. We didn't think he emerged as a grown adult, but after seeing him rip it up in NYC lately, it's hard to envision the little kid he once was.

After 40 minutes of the main feature and another 5 of "More" stuff, I was pretty stoked... Until I tried t skip back a chapter on the disc. I discovered there are no chapters, segments or any sort of menu option. This flick is one long chapter. Oh well. It's a good film, although I liked "Debbie Does Blockhead" a bit more.

The Bottom Line

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