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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:SECT presents: Habitat's Regal Road & Alien Workshops's Kalis in Mono (Promo DVD)

SECT presents: Habitat's Regal Road & Alien Workshops's Kalis in Mono - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2006
Rating: 3 Stars

Fred Gall, Raymond Molinar, Silas Baxter-Neal, Ed Selego, Stefan Janoski, Josh Kalis

This review is based on the promotional DVD consisting of 11 minutes of footage.

Lets get one thing straight - promotional DVDs are great as long as they are sold as such. A DVD like this one, with only 11 minutes of footy, should be free. If it is to be sold for $5, it should be clearly marked as an 11 minute promo disc. I'm sure the full length releases will be good, but I feel a bit ripped-off spending money on this thing - especially when there is NO bonus material. Gimme a break!

This 11 minute Sect promo DVD features snippets from the Habitat UK Tour video "Regal Road" and the Alien Workshop film "Kalis In Mono".

"Regal Road" features 7 minutes of the Habitat team on a 12 day tour of Great Britain with the Habitat crew. Their goal was to explore the timeless countryside and skate the UK's infamously rugged spots. This is a window into the everyday skating of tour life.

UK Locations:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Nottingham
  • Edinburgh

"Kalis In Mono - A Film Fragment" - This 4 minute solo part unveils extra footage that Josh has compiled over the past two years. This period makes a tandem of transitional shifts; his uprooting out of Philly to Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan along with taking his spot back on the AWS team. With sharp focus and matching style, Kalis steps forward to reveal a glimpse of what's in the works for his full length Alien Workshop video part.

Bonus Stuff

None, nada, nothing...

The Bottom Line

I'm certain the full length versions of these two flicks will be awesome, but this preview disc shouldn't be for sale. It should be a free pack-in with a sk8 mag or given away at sk8 shops. Don't rip kids off with the premise of a $5 skate video!

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