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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Focus' Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2007
Rating: 3 Stars

John Pildis, Tony Antonechia, Dan Sawosko, Bill Sands, Tom sta, Kyle Frederick, Chris Firoved, Nolan Lee, German Nieves, Gary Smith, Jason, Duke, Jesse Clayton, Bill Pierce, Drew Hanner, Gary Wetsel, Frank Branda, Jed Shooter, Bobby Worrest, Rob Campbell, Nick Maliszewski, Shaen Fanning, Steve Bohan, Jay Klotz, Kerry Getz, Phil Ladjanski, Andy Pipps, Pete Eldridge, Chris Mathis, Drew Windon, Austin Kanfoush, Zack Funk, Danny Falla, Kevin Huffman, Ryan O'Connor, Dane Vaughn, Kyle Nicholson, Jan Berry, Chris Cole, and more...

Rise and Shine is the first full-length DVD from Focus Skate Magazine. Focus is an East Coat mag and they don't get all whiny when it snows while all the Cali cohorts are baking under the sun year-round. You'll find montages from: Florida, North Carolina, Cincinnati, DC, Pittsburgh, New York, Philly, the NJ/Red Bull Tour, among other stuff.

Chances are good that YOU appeared in this flick if you skate the east coast. With a cast of thousands (OK, maybe less) you'll catch a glimpse of a lot of different skaters. In the 40 minutes of Rise and Shine, the Focus guys go the distance cramming a lot of skaters into a slick little film.

Few east coast films show the ghetto grit of east coast skating like Rise and Shine. We really meant that in a good way. Don't you get tired of the California sun and all those damn palm trees. I like seeing a skater who can ollie a pile of garbage in the street or grind the crumbling remnants of a Jersey barrier. The east coast rules - watch and you'll see why.

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