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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Rising Son - The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi

Rising Son - the Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Cesario Montaño
Released: Nov. 2006
Rating: 5 Stars

Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Tony Hawk, Dennis Hopper, Christian Hosoi, Robert Rusler, Chad Muska, Danny Way, Ivan Hosoi, Shogo Kubo, Mike McGill, Mark Ragowski, Steve Olson, Craig Stecyk, Eddie Reatagui, Lance Mountain, Herbie Fletcher, Steve Caballero, Rick Blackhart, Fausto Vitello, Jason Lee, John Lucero, Jeff Grosso, Jesse Martinez, Eric Koston, Scott Oster, Natas Kaupas, Dave Duncan, Brian Patch and more...

Narrated by Dennis Hopper, Rising Son is an amazing skateboard documentary about the rise and fall of legendary skateboarder, Christian Hosoi. With old and new footage, a killer soundtrack and interviews with skateboardings other legends, this film tells a story well with both images, video and words.

Beginning his skateboarding career at the Marina Del Ray Skatepark, where his father was the manager, set the stage for Hosoi to become one of the first "rockstars" of the skateboard world. There was a longtime perceived rivalry between Hosoi and Tony Hawk. Hawk was the more technical skater, but Hosoi's charisma and style paved the way for him to achieve insane heights - both on and off his board.

Through numerous and engaging interviews, Hosoi's story will shock, amaze and stoke you. If you were around during skateboarding's popularity in the early 80's, Christian was at the center of building that popularity. Despite becoming rich and famous, it seems that ego never came into play. All his friends say his confidence was one of his greatest assets. He knew how popular he had become and simply used that to the advantage for himself, his friends and his team.

Hosoi Hammerhead decks

With plenty of sponsors from Converse and Jimmy'z to Santa Cruz and his signature wheel, he seemingly had a kingdom to rule. Simms gave him his first pro model board. Tony Alva quickly snatched him up for his team and to help with ideas. They parted under circumstances around Hosoi's Hammerhead shaped deck. Christian started Hosoi Skateboards and marketed his new shapes aggressively.

As vert skating disappeared in the early 90's, so did Hosoi's strength in the industry with a few failed sk8 companies. As the 90's advanced, so did his interest in drugs. Ignoring a few minor offenses finally caught up with him in the form of a jail sentence. In prison he discovered the bible and managed to do his time. In June 2004 hiss sentence was reduced for good behavior and he was released. Within days he was back on a skateboard... doing what he'd done best.

Rising Son is very inspirational as a documentary. I was very impressed with his father and how close they were. Friends described them as brothers more than father & son. His father, an artist, supported Christian's life the whole way through. From this, if seems reasonable to assume Hosoi's positive and driven ability to make things happen comes from that great family bond. Every parent should take the effort to understand and support their kid's interests. You never know where it will take them.

The most uplifting part... Christian is back - doing what he loves, skateboarding and forging a new career in the industry. Think about next time you want to whine about how lame your skate scene is.

Rising Son premiere poster

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