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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Sector 9's Short Bus Chronicles

Sector 9's Short Bus Chronicles - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Jamie Sterling, Derek Dunfee, Kellen Ellison, Sean Taylor, Greg Bergen, Gavin Beschen, Justin Smith, Frank Walsh, Ricky Whitlock, Rusty Long, Shane Allen, Joel Tudor, Jake Plasockl, Killan Garland, Tarik Khashoggl, Adam Vira, Mike Morrisey, Tyler Smith, Steve Long, Jeremy Peckham, Jimmy Rao, Jamie Sherratt, Craig Williams, Shane Hunter, Billy Green, Mitchyll Ferris, Jeff Budro, John Torchin, Noah Sakamoto, Danny Connor, Robert Palmer, Annie Sullivan and many more...

Sector 9 doesn't make standard skate films. This is likely in part to Sector 9 not being a standard skateboard company. While some folks are killing concrete parks and others are skating vert, some are bombing hills and another group is draining pools. Sector 9 is all of the above. From longboards to pool and street, they make it all and DO it all. Hence their films aren't laden with handrails or any other singular annoyance.

Remember when political correctness didn't exist and we were free to make remarks like, "All the retards are on the short bus". Now we can't open our mouths without prior examination of what connotation might come out. God forbid we use the word "retard" in a non-medical diagnosing manner. "Whoa dude, that trick was retarded." Gone are those carefree days. Even the radio shock-jocks have to monitor what they say and ensure that even a retard (oops) can discern humor from harmful remanding.

When a sk8 flick opens with guys bombing hills to Motley Crue's "Live Wire", you know you've found something different. When Shane Allen starts killing streets, pools and parks on a variety of boards, you'll wonder how that can happen on a longboard!

Being a New Yorker at heart, I loved the Broadway Bomb - an informal race through 9 miles of hazardous NYC streets, filled with NY cabbies and other death-inducing vehicles. No permission and no rules makes for an exciting time for all, viewers included.

I have to say there was a bit too much surfing footage for my liking. I get the sidewalk surfing connection, but I'm not a huge fan of drowning and such. This was compensated by a cool soundtrack of metal, rock and old school surf-rock. Anyway...

Skate videos today completely ignore hills. They're meant for bombing, but all those mandatory handrail segments seem to get in the way. Not the case with Sector 9's Short Bus Chronicles. No hill is left un-skated and they hit a lot of street and park terrain as well. Diversity is a hallmark of their flicks and they do it well.

The absence of bonus footage is compensated by some post-credits sk8 and band footage bringing this flick to the 60 minute mark - or there abouts. Enjoy!

The Bottom Line

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