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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Transworld's Sight Unseen

Transworld's Sight Unseen - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2001
Rating: 5 Stars

John Cardiel, Dustin Dollin, Tosh Townend, Henry Sanchez, Heath Kirchart and guest appearances by Arto Saari, Bob Burnquist and Tony Hawk.

John Cardiel is an amazing skater. His part alone warrants the purchase of this DVD. But lets not stop there because Dustin Dollin's part killed - even though his name is quite close to that of the guy who played ‘Screech' in the TV show, "Saved by the Bell".

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the 10 second clip entitled, "Soul Blader". It featured the best footage I've ever seen of a guy rollerblading while holding a skateboard. It's filmed in such a serious manner, it makes me wonder if it's some sort of inside joke or bizarre tribute that escapes my narrow knowledge of fruitbooters in motion.

One day long ago, I was at the Fairfield, CT YMCA skatepark and a rollerblade-Dad was chaperoning his kid and insisted on hovering over him. It's nice to see a father hanging out with his son at the sk8 park, but Dad was pegging the dork-meter. The kid was skateboarding, but Dad - complete with way-too-short shorts and a pair of wrap-around shades - seemed to think that rollerblading in a sea of skaters would create a healthy environment for his son. It did not.

Most of the kids weren't too outwardly horrible, but they got a lot of evil stares and finger-pointing. I felt bad for the kid and vowed never to do that to my son. Right off, I don't rollerblade and I have the good sense to either be cool or keep my distance. But be assured... anyone who messes with my kid is gonna have a bad day.

I've always wondered how parents attending little-league games can get into fights with one another, but then I know I'm the sort of guy who would start a fight if it was my kid getting picked on. But at least I don't rollerblade!

Oh yeah... go buy Sight Unseen. It's a great flick.

Bonus Stuff

Deleted Clips, Heath's alternate desert intro, Five Days in AZ, Matt Hensley playing an accordion, Chomp trailer, Commercials and Photos.

Sight Unseen's Soundtrack

Section: Intro
Artist: Terrestre
Title: El Lado Oscuro De Mi Compadre
Album: Nortec Collective - Tijuana Sessions Vol.1
Label: Palm Pictures/Rykodisc

Section: John Cardiel
Artist: Sizzla
Title: Haunted and Nervous
Label: The Royalty Network

Section: 16/35 mm Part
Artist: Blue States
Title: Stereo 99
Album: Nothing Changes Under the Sun
Label: ESL Music

Section: Henry Sanchez #1
Artist: Tommy Guerrero & Gadget Enhanced
Title: Deep Sleep
Album: Hoy Yen Ass'n
Label: Function 8

Section: Henry Sanchez #2
Artist: Cali Agents
Title: Neva Forget
Album: How the West Was One
Label: Ground Control Records

Section: Can't Stop Part
Artist: Ray Barbee
Title: Find Enjoyment
Label: Galaxia Records

Section: Tosh Townend
Artist: J. Mascis & The Fog
Title: Ammaring
Album: More Light
Label: Artemis Records

Section: Video Montage
Artist: The Shins
Title: Caring is Creepy
Album: Oh, Inverted World
Label: Sub Pop Records

Section: Dustin Dollin
Artist: The Stitches
Title: My Baby Hates Me
Album: 8 x 12
Label: Vinyl Dog Records

Section: Soul Blader Segway
Artist: The Higher Burning Fire
Title: Year
Label: Second Nature Recordings

Section: Heath Kirchart
Artist: The Moody Blues
Title: Nights in White Satin
Album: The Best of the Moody Blues
Label: Polygram Records

Section: Credits #1
Artist: Jet Black Crayon
Title: Life Vest
Album: Low Frequency Speaker Test
Label: Function 8

Section: Credits #2
Artist: Atiba
Title: Chick 'n' Stew

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