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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Skate Maps - Season One, Vol. 3 (Episodes 5 & 6)

Skate Maps - Season One Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Two Stars

Released: 2004
Rating: 2 Stars

The Zoo York Sk8 Team: Harold Hunter, Zered Basset, Jefferson Pang, Forrest Kirby, Brian Brown, Robert Lopez Mont, Aquil Brathwaite.

Lets begin by stating that Zoo York is a cool brand, laden with talented skaters and a dominant force on the East coast and the global sk8 industry, but...
Skate Maps kinda sucks.

Episode 5

From the Mystic Cup contest in Prague we find the team pondering the 36 hour train ride to Madrid Spain. Perhaps budgetary constraints were in play, but an airplane may have been a better choice for a group of hyperactive skaters. Everyone is bummed about the length of the trip, not to mention the layovers along the way.

The first layover in in Strosburgh France. Harold quickly disembarks the train and runs around the platform yelling, "Bonjour!" at everyone whether they are listening to him or not. As always Harold Hunter is the one redeeming facet of this moronic reality. As their travels continue, it becomes evident that everyone on the team is sporting some sort of Apple Computer product - from iPods to laptops, they all dig Apple. Very cool!

One member (don't recall his name) began swearing up a storm, berating the show and everything around him. Apparently he thought this ploy would be barred from the TV show and he'd get bumped from production and get to go home. Didn't work - they swear on the DVD. This is strange because I don't recall any swearing on the other DVD episodes.

2 hours later they are in Paris and Harold is yelling, "I want to see Paris and I want to see it now!" Not long after they arrive in Madrid. Everyone is tired.

They skate the Colon stairs and discover there is no shade and it's 100° under the sweltering sun. Other than that, it's a cool plaza with a lot of lines to sk8.

This episode closes with Forrest loosing a bet with Zered and having to fold all of his clothes. Again they feel this need to pull a prank or stray from the straight and narrow by doing something extremely corny (aka: GAY) that it makes the viewer want to hurl.

Episode 6

This episode was so boring, that my attention strayed to that idiotic reality show, "So You Think You Can Dance", and the exquisitely sexy little blonde who seems to bend in ways that defy belief. Needless to say Zered and the Zoo York crew were temporarily dismissed until my blonde's audition ended. Funny how one bad reality show draws my attention from another equally bad one.

Next the team scours for junk food and find no shortage of it in Madrid. However, the Subway they find sucks. Actually, I can substantiate that claim as well and I didn't have to endure a 36 hour train ride to discover it - Subway Sucks! (They never put enough meat on their subs - cheap bastards).

Out of desperation, they buy cold-cuts and Harold makes sandwiches on the dashboard of the van. Harold quips, "Fuck Martha Stewart. I'm making a fuckin' ham and cheese sandwich!"

Skate Maps rarely shows Harold skating which is a shame. When the team visits the Daktak skate shop - they have an indoor air-conditioned ramp - Harold is recognized outside as the guy from the movie, "Kids". Harold totally steals the show from the rest of the team. His antics and sense of humor are phenomenal.

Finally, they go night skating at San Sebastian. The entire office complex is lit and provides a really cool vibe for a session. Until next episode...

Bonus Extras

Aquil Freestyle
Zered Basset
Madrid Hang

The Bottom Line

Rent it to see Harold and his awesome antics.

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