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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:DVS's Skate More

DVS's Skate More - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Collin Kennedy
Released: 2005
Rating: 5 Stars

Steve Berra, Chico Brenes, Jason Dill, Kerry Getz, Keith Hufnagel, Daewon Song, Jeron Wilson, Mike Taylor, Daniel Castillo, and Jereme Rogers

Another skate video completely different from some of the
other videos which aren't quite the same as this skate video.

When you start out with a tagline like that, you have to be good. Since shoe companies are putting out some of the best videos around, DVS has earned its rank. Skate More rocks. From amazing skating to unique and clever camera angles, DVS Shoe Company has kicked ass on this release. It's rare that I ever mention filming technique (other than to bitch about fish-eye lenses), but the interaction between skater and camera-d00d is awesome. Together, they create an energetic synergy that makes you want to skate more. Hey wait a sec...

Mike Taylor opens up the disc skating some really different landscapes and terrains - not the usual stuff you see in most videos. His innovation is inspiring.

Steve Berra, ex-husband of actress/punk-rocker Juliette Lewis, grinds an Allstate Insurance sign. It's always a treat to see corporate brands tarnished by a set of trucks.

When you see Daewon Song's name on a video, you savor the moment he appears. Skate More starts out with a slam-reel of Daewon wiping out, then they get into his part and he completely rips. Of note is his short session atop a multi-angles Asian-inspired roof and his stall at the top of a bent metal post.

Jason Dill - My only exposure to him was his brief stint on "The Ozbournes" (remember that Summer, on Mtv, when we all thought it was funny to watch Ozzy vacuum the house and empty the trash?). Was it me or was Dill a dick on that show. Like many other delinquents, I'd love to live with Ozzy's family and soak up the monetary glory of heavy metal. Dill seemed like a freeloader who wanted to make up his own rules in their house. Anyhow... he was funny as hell in Skate More and his skating was incredible.

DVS's Skate More - DVD

Snag a copy of this DVD. It will quickly become your rainy day sk8 high. But don't let your Mom see it - she'll become a Betty and start trickin' at all your favorite spots.

The Bottom Line

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