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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Skateboarding Motion Vol. 1

Skateboarding Motion Vol. 1 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Two Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2001
Rating: 2 Stars

Anthony Acosta, Marcus Brandy, Alyson Castro, David Joseph Davis, Carlos Deandrade, Tony Frouse, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Ruben Garcia, Rune Glifberg, Neil Heddings, Peter Hewitt, Juergen Horrwarth, Rodney Jones, Chris Lambert, Bucky Lasek, Stacy Lowry, Billy Marks, Jason Masse, Collin McKay, Renton Millar, Lance Mountain, Daniel Nelson, Brian Patch, Mike Petersen, Willy Santos, Ryan Sheckler, Rodrigio Teixiera, Chad Tim Tim and Vanessa Torres.

Billed as having 30 athletes demonstrating 33 interactive tricks initially sounds like a promising video for those who are just getting started and don't know any tricks or trick names. That could almost be as cool as having Van Halen play your birthday party. However, closer inspection reveals this DVD was created for young children (or idiots) who are easily fooled into thinking that a "trick tip analyzing computer" could be a cool thing.

It's not.

I have no issues with those choosing the homosexual lifestyle. It's not for me, but I'm pretty immune to the actions of others as long as it isn't harming anyone. Having said that - and I do mean it - this video has a very high "gay-factor". Again, no offense to the boys in pink.

Hal says you suck

If you've seen any of the many trick-tip style videos out there, usually they have a pro demonstrating the tricks and offering pointers. That's cool. Where Skateboarding Motion goes awry is when they introduce us to the "trick tip analyzer" computer.

First off, I'm not using a computer - I'm downing beers while watching a TV. When you select a trick from the DVD menu, it plays this embarrassing intro combined with a cheesy synthetic computer voice that introduces the pro and the trick. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. The cheesy voice continues as we watch the trick from multiple angles and in slow-mo. Actually, I liked the multiple angles and slow-mo for each trick, since you don't see that too often on trick tip videos. Often they have only one camera and one take per trick. So, that was cool, but the fake computer BS just made it annoying. The voice is a warbling female narrator that's often hard to understand. How about having the pro narrate his own trick sequence? Duh!

The Athletes & Tricks

• Anthony Acosta
F/S Half Cab over a hip
• Marcus Brandy
Texas Two-Step on a quarter pipe
• Alyson Castro
Feeble to 5-0 to F/S 180 Out
• David Joseph Davis
K-Grind to 180 Out on a ledge
• Carlos Deandrade
F/S 180 over a pyramid
• Tony Frouse
F/S Disaster B/S Revert on a mini Ramp
• Pierre Luc Gagnon
Half-Cab Nose Grind on vert
• Ruben Garcia
Switch F/S Tail Slide on a ledge
• Rune Glifberg
B/S Lip Slide on vert
F/S Ollie Late Shuvit
• Neil Heddings
F/S Allie-oop over a hip
• Peter Hewitt
F/S Olie over a hip
B/S 5-0 to Fakie in a bowl
• Juergen Horrwarth
Blunt to Fakie on a mini ramp
• Rodney Jones
Feeble Grind on a rail
• Chris Lambert
B/S 180 Ollie over a double set
• Bucky Lasek
B/S Tail Slide Revert on vert
• Stacy Lowry
Ollie over a drinking fountain
• Billy Marks
B/S Lip Slide on a rail
• Jason Masse
360 Flip off the curb
• Collin McKay
B/S Kick Flip Mute
• Renton Millar
B/S Kick FLip Indy
• Lance Mountain
F/S Corn Air in a bowl
Board Slide around a corner
• Daniel Nelson
B/S Nose Blunt Slide on a ledge
• Brian Patch
B/S Blunt Slide on a quarter pipe
• Mike Petersen
F/S Flip on a quarter pipe
• Willy Santos
F/S 180 Nose Grind on a ledge
• Ryan Sheckler
• Rodrigio Teixiera
Nollie F/S Board Slide on a rail
B/S Nollie Heel Flip over a hip
• Chad Tim Tim
Switch Kick flip over a bench
• Vanessa Torres
Kick Flip over 4 double stairs

For you beginners and knobs...
F/S = Front Side
B/S = Back Side

Bonus Stuff

Step Back
Slam City Madness
Green Bars
Attaining Perfection
Concrete Challenge
What the...?

The Bottom Line

It's OK if you really want to see tricks performed from multiple angles and slow-mo, but the "gay-factor" is really too high for us to truly recommend this DVD.

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