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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Rob Dyrdek's Street Dreams

Rob Dyrdek's Street Dreams - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Rob Dyrdek
Released: Oct. 2010
Rating: 5 Stars

Rob Dyrdek, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Terry Kennedy, Ryan Dunn, C.C. Sheffield, Stevie Williams, Jim Greco, Brayden Szyfranski, Karl Watson, Josh Kalis, Mikey Taylor, Devine Calloway, Sean Malto, Erik Ellington, Tyler Bledsoe.

Street Dreams skateboard deck

How long has Hollywood been pretending they can properly depict skateboarding on the big screen? Since Gleaming the Cube in 1989 or was it earlier? Regardless of the date, Hollywood never got it right. It isn't that only skaters understand skaters. It the fact that Hollywood needs to sell a product with enough mass appeal to make money from as many divergent markets as possible. Hence, they've churned out crappy mass-appeal sk8 flicks which miss the mark of what it is to be a skater.

Maybe it does take a skater to create a movie that really depicts skateboarding. Or as Thrasher's Jake Phelps has said, "I'm into people that are really focused and driven to what it takes to showcase the world what fucking skateboarding is all about."

Enter rob Dyrdek. He has the Midas-touch. From shows like Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory to his companies DC Shoes and Alien Workshop, he hits the mark every time. Even his Wild Grinders toy line with WalMart was a success. He takes on a project and doesn't stop until it succeeds.

The beauty of Street Dreams - go buy it now if you don't already own it - is it truly is a movie about skateboarding complete with real skaters and quality acting. This isn't a traditional skate vid that companies put out to promote their teams and wares. Street Dreams is a well told story of skaters trying to take their love for skateboarding as far as they can.

C.C. Sheffield in Rob Dyrdek's Street Dreams - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review

As compelling as the story is, the acting makes this such a strong movie. Ryan Dunn is phenomenal as are all the pro skaters who play lead roles. Not a hint of ego comes through despite the many roles played by some of skateboarding's greats. Another highlight is C.C. Sheffield, lead vocalist from the band, Le Rev.

Le Rev is the brainchild of guitarist/producer Nico Chiotellis and vocalist C.C. Sheffield, who penned all the songs together and coined a unique sound that's been described as Blondie meets Blonde Redhead.

Sheffield is mad-hot and portrays "the girlfriend" role like a pro playing Ryan Scheckler's older sister who totes him around from comp to comp.

This movie shows Hollywood how off-base they've been by delivering a solid skateboard movie that caters to skaters, but will appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure. Its definitely worth purchasing for your collection. In addition to the lead roles played by pro skaters, many others make cameos to lend their skating talent. I can't say enough good things about Street Dreams. It's about time a movie like this was made and I'm stoked Rob Dyrdek was behind it!

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