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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Santa Cruz's Streets On Fire

Santa Cruz's Streets On Fire - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Scott Dittrich
Released: 1988
Rating: 5 Stars

Jason Jessee, Steve Alba, Natas Kaupas, Jeff Kendall, Claus Grabke, Jeff Hedges, Jeff Grosso, Corey O‘brien and Skip Engblom.

Jason Jesse is locked up in prison for skateboarding in this sequel to Wheels of Fire. As he wastes away behind bars, dreaming of his imminenet excecution, his pals come by to recant their sessions and let him live vicariously through their stories. Its kinda weak, but it has it's moments.

Aside from the obvious retro-wonder of seeing an old video given new life on DVD, there are the familliar yellow and blue Rector pads EVERYWHERE. Didn't anyone else make pads in the 80's? Damn!

Another thing that gets me now and then are the hand rails. I lived through the 80's (and earlier), yet have no recolection of anyone grinding handrails. My memories are a blur of fake-ollies and curb tricks. I guess when I think back to those times, I forget how progressive skating was getting. Especially when you see Natas do his fire hydrant spin - amazing!

Streets On Fire offers a nice selection of different skate styles and locations. They hit up the Fallbrook Ramp, The Turf Skate Park and Upland Pipeline park and there is some great ditch footage.

If you crave days gone by (in the late 80's) snap up this DVD or get the whole box set.

The Bottom Line

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