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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Powell's Strip Mall Heroes

Strip Mall Heroes DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Arthur Yen
Released: 1998
Rating: 4 Stars

Andy MacDonald, Steve Caballero, Danny Wainright, Jon Comer, Jason Ellis, Chris Borst, Giorgio Zattoni, Mike Vallely, Stacy Lowry, Charlie Wilkins.

Right off the bat you have to wonder why only the "rough cut" bonus feature of the same footage features Mike Vallely's part. The real question is why was he cut from the final product? Very odd.

I one visited Columbus, OH and was dismayed to discover that it was an entire city of strip malls. I don't have anything in particular against strip malls, but its not the most convenient way to engage commerce. In fact it was a pain in the ass. Never been back. Thought I'd share.

In the 30 minutes of Strip Mall Heroes we see the 1997 Bones Brigade Tour complete with a semi truck hauling a portable folding ramp. The footy is from 5 pro contests and over four dozen demos that took place from Cali to Europe, spanning the continents. The contest in the UK featured the obligatory automobile surrounded by quarter pipes. I thought grinding a car went out of fashion with the end of the 80's.

By the way, is it possible to really have a Bones Brigade vid without Stacy Peralta at the helm? I guess it is after Powell Peralta was shortened to Powell.

Jon Comer has a prosthetic leg and still skates amazingly. If you aren't looking for it, you might not even notice the dearth of limbs as he rides. His prosthetic did come front and center when he broke the "foot" off of it. But being a pro skater has it's perks and a new foot was shipped to the next stop on the tour. Gotta appreciate that level of healthcare - try getting that sort of service today. Forget about it.

Even sans Stacy the Bones Brigade doesn't disappoint. Lots of good skating. Richie Carrasco appears post-credits to demonstrate nose 360's. He was the world record holder and does a bunch of them. I'd get dizzy and puke after 3 or 4 rotations. If that weren't enough, nugget the Australian skate dog hops on a board and cruises around. Get out the doggie treats. "Good boy!"

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