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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Subject To Change

Subject To Change Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Osiris
Released: 2003
Rating: 4 Stars

Louie Barletta, Ali Boulala, James Brockman, Diego Bucchieri, Chris Dobstaff, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Jerry Hsu, Dylan Reider, Kanten Russell, Brandon Turner, Jay Adams, Jake Brown, Buster Halterman, Danny Mayer, Tosh Rice, John Rosenkranz and Ryan Zammit.

Is it me or are shoe companies putting out the best videos these days? Seem to be fact! Filmed on location in some of the most amazing skate spots around the world, which include South Africa, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta and Phoenix.

Ali's segment shows him pimping some 80's style wearing a black fedora. If your hat is gonna fly off on every trick, why wear it? Who knows. Maybe I'm missing some killer inside joke. His skating is top notch even when he is dragged by a moped.

PLG attacks a massive ramp. The scenes are incredibly filmed using close ups and a lot of slow motion to capture his moves.

There is some great ledge jumps and stair jumps. Best of all are the landings near casual observers who are just wandering by wondering what the hell is going on.

The Bottom Line

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