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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Transworld's Subtleties

Transworld's Subtleties DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jon Holland & Jason Hernandez
Released: 2004
Rating: 3 Stars

Brandon Biebel, Pat Duffy, Kyle Leeper, Stefan Janoski, Brian Wenning, Danny Way, PJ Ladd, Mark Gonzales, Dan Drehobl, Peter Hewitt, Paul Rodriguez, Tim O'Connor, Danny Garcia, Daniel Shimuzu, Clint Peterson, Ryan Gallant, Danny Supa, Leo Romero, Omar Salazar.

a: the quality of being imperceptible, intangible, or remote (Pat Duffy)
b: indefinable, abstruse (Brian Wenning)
c: highly skillful, expert, craftsman (Brandon Biebel)
d: difficult to understand; obscure, hard to distinguish or describe (Kyle Leeper)
e: a fine-drawn or delicate distinction; a refinement of perception or comprehension (Stefan Janoski)

Filmed in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco, Transworld's Subtleties is a street skating film that examines the little things you don't always notice about skateboarding.

Pat Duffy starts the first part of the video complete with a broken arm in a cast. Despite the cast, Duffy throws down a solid part. Check out his ollie in SF. Next is a montage with some great skating, like Omar Salazars hippie jumps along with Jose Rojo, Ryan Gallant, and Paul Rodriguez. Brandon Beibels part, shared with Brian Wenning, is filled with his technical abilities. Wenning comes through with a switch backside tailslide 270 shuvit out! Biebel has a lot of Pier 7 (San Fran) footage, before they got a chance to skate block it.

Next up, the 16mm montage with Chris Lambert and friends setting up some creative spots - artsy but still filled with crazy tricks. After that Kyle Leeper skates some unique spots with a smooth style. Finally, Stefan Janoski has the last part. Observe Janoski skate regular or goofy, I don't think it matters to him. Not to mention with a clean style. The MASSIVE switch flip at the end leaves you more than satisfied.

Bonus Stuff

Subtleties Soundtrack

Section: Intro
Artist: Portastatic
Title: Looking for Leonard Theme
Album: Looking for Leonard
Label: Merge Records

Section: Pat Duffy Intro
Artist: Pacific Stereo
Title: Goth Rocker vs. Sunday Afternoon
Label: Citrisound Recordings

Section: Pat Duffy
Artist: The Humpers
Title: Drunk Tank
Album: Positively Sick on 4th St.
Label: Sympathy 4 the R.I.

Section: Video Montage
Artist: Trans Am
Title: Outmoder
Album: Liberation
Label: Thrill Jockey

Section: Brandon Biebel & Brian Wenning Intro
Artist: KY Brigante
Title: We Never Stop (Instrumental)
Album: Competition
Label: Magic City Hitsville Records

Section: Brandon Biebel & Brian Wenning
Artist: Louie Vega
Title: Jungle Fever
Album: Elements of Life
Label: Vega Records

Section: 16mm Montage
Artist: The Sea and Cake
Title: To the Author (Version1)
Album: Glass
Label: Thrill Jockey

Section: Kyle Leeper Intro
Artist: JT for Mr. E Productions
Title: B-Ball

Section: Kyle Leeper
Artist: Ocean Colour Scene
Title: Hundred Mile High City
Album: Very Best Of: Songs for the Front Row
Label: Ark 21

Section: Stefan Janoski Intro
Artist: JT for Mr. E Productions
Title: Feel Free

Section: Stefan Janoski
Artist: Modest Mouse
Title: Paper Thin Walls
Album: Moon & Antarctica
Label: Sony Music

Section: Credits
Artist: Emperor Penguin
Title: Streets and Stars
Album: Extreme Gaming
Label: My Pal God Records

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