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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Skatepark of Tampa: Pro 2003

Skatepark of Tampa Pro 2003 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 411 Studios
Released: 2003
Rating: 4 Stars

Jeremy Wray, Jim Gagne, Tony Trujillo, Alex Queixada, Nate Jones, Dayne Brummet, Patrcik Melcher, Adam Affaro, Ben Gilley Danilo Albaquerqew, Rodil Jr., Daniel Vieira, Guicherme Zollin, Ricardo Oliveira Assis, Greg Ltzka, Reese Forbes, Austin Seaholm, Fabrizio Santos, Justin Reynolds, Jud Heald, Darrell Stanton, Danny Fuenzalida, Forrest Kirby, Danny Supa, Poncho Moler, Ryan Scheckler, Gershon Mosley, Billy Rohan, Soencer Fujimoto, Carlos De Andrade, Mike Peterson, Paul Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers, Javier Sarmiento, Zared Basset, Colt Cannon, Mark Appleyard, Ronnie Creager, Rodney Jones, Brian Howard and more...

It's time to venture down Columbus Drive and visit the Skatepark of Tampa for their annual event that attracts some of the biggest names in skateboarding. This year is the first time the folks at the Skatepark of Tampa took complete creative control and filmed, edited and produced the video in-house. Now it has the raw feel that makes you feel like you're in the middle of all the gritty sk8 action... and the beer & chicks.

The contest starts with a Street Qualifying round and moves to the Vert Contest, Best Trick Contest and the Finals.

The footage is nice and raw - especially Tony Trujillo bouncing off the top walls above the quarter pipes. There are several collisions during practice that warrant the question, why doesn't this happen more often? I'm sure it does, but they don't show all the juicy person-to-person slams.

With a diversity of riders, you get to see a lot of different styles. Some shoot fast and take big airs, others do more technical tricks. Personally, I dig seeing the big runs where riders completely ollie over intended landing spots and make their own lines. That kind to thinking adds to the contest as a whole.

Then there are the girls - not like in the Mötley Crüe video, "Girls, Girls, Girls", but the ones who descend on the action hoping to exchange their current boyfriends for prominent (aka: wealthy) professional skateboarders. Good luck, ladies. They show up in droves even though most chicks aren't down with the whole scene as skaters, but as spectators. When you see how Elissa Steamer dresses, for example, you know she rides. Lets just say some of the girls exhibited more slut-factor than sk8-factor. But you can't live without ‘em, so whatever. Cute chicks make any contest more interesting I suppose.

Tony Trujillo took first place, Rodil Jr. took second and Austin Seaholm made it to third place. Austin apparently wasn't too happy with this honor and promptly tossed his trophy into the crowd. In fact, the trophy was in his possession for about three seconds. Maybe he thought he was being cool, but the overwhelming reaction was negative. That stunt made him look like a dick and the announcer made sure the crowd knew it. His anti-cool antic was replayed over and over and made it into the bonus footage - shown from several different angles. Way to go, Dick!

If it weren't so damn hot in FL, I might go to one of these events, but for now I enoy it from the comfort of my couch. "Hey, where'd my remote control go to?"

Bonus Stuff

The Bottom Line

Like many contest DVDs, the replay value isn't always high. You may want to rent this one before adding it to your collection. On the other hand, the Tampa Pro is unlike most contests both in terms of the pros who complete and the intensity of the event.

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