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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Birdhouse's The End

Birdhouse's The End DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jamie Mosberg
Released: 2001
Rating: 5 Stars

Steve Berra, Ali Cairns, Tony Hawk, Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, Bucky Lasek, Jeff Lenoce, Rick McCrank, Andrew Reynolds, Willy Santos, Brian Sumner, Janine Lindemulder, Heather Hunter, Tia Bella and Kobe Tai.

Everyone talks about Tony Hawk pulling off a complete loop-the-loop and how "The End" is probably the first skateboarding movie to have 16mm and 35mm film used in it. Or that Ali Cairns, Jeff Lenoce and Brian Sumner were amateurs at the time of filming. What truly amazes me about this film is thee integration of skating and raw entertainment. From dragging a launch ramp around to grind various public obstacles to the flame-engulfed van demolishing trees and shrubbery as it cruised the streets. Now THAT is good film making. Basically, there's awesome skate parts and cool stunts. This is the kind of film that you really want to sit down and watch - even the bonus stuff is great.

There is no real plot that runs through out this film. Each skater did a part to showcase their skills and incorporate a short story into their segments.

The film opens with a scene of Rick McCrank looking for a job, and boarding a plane. This then cuts to Rick grinding down a rail in a high school and some street skating. This cuts back to the plane scene and then transitions to a massive and messy food-fight. Willy's street skating is shown. Then we come to an orangutan sitting out the front of a caravan trailer slamming beers. This immediately cuts to scenes of Andrew Reynolds skating. His segment finishes with him returning to the caravan trailer to down beers with the orangutan. An argument follows as the orangutan drank all the beer, and the scene ends with a bottle being smashed over Reynold's head.

This transitions to Brian Sumner's street skating skills, then goes to Ali Cairns vert skills. Finally, the last of Team Birdhouse's amateurs - Jeff Lenoce - displays some street skating.

Steve Berra is chased by the camera in true horror-film style by an unknown attacker. He is chased a few more times in dream sequences until he finally falls asleep and his street part begins. During Berra's part, the unknown attacker is constantly watching him. At the end of the segment, he fails to land a grind on the bench. The unknown attacker quickly approaches and decapitates him. Berra's segment ends when two federal agent types drive up in a black SUV and collect his head.

Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirchart have an awesome part with a funny story-line. They begin street skating, then drive a van through a porta-potty, totally demolishing it... and the guy sitting inside. the van continues it's wrecking project by randomly plowing through trees, shrubs and pretty much anything in it's path. It's hysterical - a must-see! Finally, there's a night shot of the van approaching with flames dancing on the dashboard. Soon afterward, it explodes.

Having died from the accident, Jeremy and Heath, have gone to heaven - complete with Lexus' and the Vivid Girls dressed as french maids. Jermey and Heath are now living it up, playing GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64, before going out for more street skating. They bring a long a launch ramp which they use to gain access to a variety of skatable obstacles including a gas station, a Blockbuster Video sign and a flaming shed - all while wearing business suits. In the end their legs catch fire from grinding the burning shed, so they jump off the end of a pier to extinguish themselves.

At the end of THE END, Bucky Lasek plays the lackey for Tony Hawk's domestic tasks. Bucky cleans the pool, cleans up cat poop, and other chores while Tony relaxes. Bucky's t-shirt says, "I am a piece of shit #2". Footage of both of them on a vert ramp are mixed with the domestic shots. It shifts to Tony on an indoor vert ramp. "Tony Hawk #1 - Bucky Lasek #2" flashes on screen. Tony slips and falls on the ramp then wakes in an outdoor ramp inside a bull ring, dressed as a matador. The ramp has a loop, which he successfully skates after a few attempts. Meanwhile, a disturbed Bucky wires explosive in the bull ring. Bucky calls Tony's mobile phone and triggers the explosives killing Tony. Bucky's t-shirt now says: "I am the shit #1". Bucky drives off in a black convertible. This is followed by Bucky skating vert.

The Vivid Girls

Ever heard the phrase "Sex Sells"? Casting some of Vivid Video's actresses (aka- porn stars) into the mix was pure genius. Porn stars very often add an element of interest to any video project. In attendance, as maids in a mansion, were Tia Bella, Heather Hunter, Janine Lindemulder and Kobe Tai.

Tia Bella Tia Bella Tia Bella
Tia Bella
Heather Hunter Heather Hunter
Heather Hunter
Janine Lindemulder Janine Lindemulder
Janine Lindemulder
Kobe Tai Kobe Tai
Kobe Tai

Bonus Stuff

Making-of The End documentary, Team Commentary with both background audio and picture-in-picture options, Photo Gallery, Movie Trailer and The Vivid Girls Photo Gallery.

The Bottom Line

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