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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Osiris' The Storm

Osiris' The Storm DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review 
FourStar skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Greg Weaver & Spyder Wills
Released: 1999
Rating: 4 Stars

Dave Coyne, Chris Dobstaff, Chad Fernandez, Jerry Hsu, Josh Kasper, Chad Knight, Daxter Lussier, Dave Mayhew, Tyrone Olson, Scott Pazelt, Mathias Ringstrom, Kanten Russell, Peter Smolik and Brandon Turner.

There's a storm brewing... in my butt. I just had a bowl of chili. Oh, sorry, didn't see you there. Yeah, The Storm - cool video (and I can say that cause it was released in the era in which you could actually buy it on VHS - remember video tape?) the hype around this release was so huge that I actually DID buy it on VHS and later on DVD. I wouldn't say its such a great film that you should buy it on every available platform, but it rocks.

When I say "it rocks" I'm not, however, referring to the soundtrack. I wouldn't say it's bad. I'm just not into hip hop. Give me some old-school Public Enemy, NWA, Ice-T (pre Law & Order reruns) or RUN DMC. That's the kind of rap I dig. Coming from back when rap music had more purpose and intensity. I'm not interested in guys rapping about all the miscellaneous stuff you here these days.

My grandmother always said I was special, but I didn't believe her until I opened my DVD copy of The Storm and found a bonus CD of the soundtrack tucked inside. Swell! Then I realized I didn't like any of the trax. Oh well... it was a nice touch and I always love something-for-nothing deals - even bad hip hop.

Osiris' The Storm opens with a look at the premiere of the film. Kids going wild... ya know. The skating is top notch. My usual complaint rings true here in that we learn nothing about the team members - we just see them skate. They also like paintball. Every interlude between segments shows them shooting at each other in the glorious mock-battle of paint-ball. Nothing spells summertime fun like sweating in coveralls and a full face mask to avoid being blinded with paint.

To be honest, I don't see the fun in shooting anything at anyone unless it's a burglar at 2:00 AM. Stranger still is the proliferation of magazines dedicated to this sport. OK, that's the final straw - did I just say that? Is paintball even a sport? Damn!

It has dawned on me that I'm complaining a lot about a film I actually liked. One segue had some of the team saying "Hi" to Jennifer Love Hewitt. I'm not sure about the circumstance to that randomness.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood - or really hate hip hop - but there was a chapter called, Round Table MCs. Can you guess? Yes, the team engages in freestyle rap. Didn't that trend go out of style a ways back. Ok, It was the late nineties... but still.

Great skating and a few interesting tidbits make this a good flick (sorry about all the bitching). Check out a copy.

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