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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:The Support - A Brief Look Into the Dreamland World

The Support - A Brief Look Into the Dreamland World - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2007
Rating: 3 Stars

The Dreamland Crew, Mark Scott, Sage Bolyard, Peter Hewitt, Dan Drehobl, Justin Strubing, Emmanuel Guzman, JT Aultz, Adrian Mallory, Peter Watkins and more...

This review of "The Support - A Brief Look Into the Dreamland World" is based on the free promo DVD packaged with The Skateboard Mag in the April 2007 issue #37.

Are skatepark builders the new video stars? Um... no and the reason is simple. Their marketing departments should be fired!

"If you show up and want to work, you're part of the team"

Isn't that the call of the illegal-alien workforce in America? How about an understanding of skateboarding and the lines needed to make a great park? What about construction and/or architectural skills? I don't want to skate a park build by fat slobs who've never endeavored past surfacing a concrete sidewalk.

Grindline park builders did the same thing in 2006 - they released a DVD with a ton of their parks and then didn't say a word about their park building business. Marketing 101 dictates that you should always take the opportunity to plug your business (especially when you're creating a promo DVD for just that purpose). The Dreamland crew has replicated this phenomenon in a short 12 minute DVD that shows skating, construction and then ends without any company info. WTF?!?

Dreamland, like Grindline, make phenomenal skateparks all over the globe. Does a picture say a thousand words? Lets hope so, cuz they didn't mention anything about their business. Again, I have to reference Rob Dyrdek's documentary, Groundbreaking. In it he describes the process, shows construction and shows a ton of skating from the grand opening jam.

I don't want to harsh-out, but when you have such a golden opportunity to showcase your talent - take advantage of it. 12 minutes of skating parks doesn't really inspire a town council to hire you to build their park.

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