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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Zero's Thrill Of It All

Zero's Thrill Of It All DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Jamie Thomas
Released: 1997
Rating: 4 Stars

Adrian Lopez, Scott Copalman, Wade Burkitt, Erik ellington, Aaron Harrison, Matt Mumford and Jamie Thomas.

Previously unreleased on DVD, Thrill of it All, contains new footage and special features. You VHS enthusiasts, who have enjoyed the gritty presentation of old worn out video tape, may want to check out this release. While you're at it, most of the crap you listen to on 45rpm can now be found on CD (that's Compact Disc for any VHS cave-dwellers).

Shot in both black & white and color this is Zero's first full-length foray into the sk8 vid market. It was shot in hi-8, a nearly non-existent format in today's world of digital video. With grit and rawness abounding, Jamie Thomas (filmer and editor) gave us the Zero team in all their glory. His no BS approach and style combined with a classic rock soundtrack makes Zero's first vid a hardcore introduction to a powerful force in skating. How can you go wrong when you open with Black Sabbath?

Thrill Of It All Soundtrack

Section: Intro
Artist: Black Sabbath
Title: The Thrill of It All
Album: Sabotage
Label: Warner Brothers

Section: Adrian Lopez
Artist: Rolling Stones
Title: Gimmie Shelter
Album: Let It Bleed
Label: Abkco Records

Section: Scott Copalman
Artist: Led Zepplin
Title: Communication Breakdown
Album: Early Days: The Best of Led Zepplin Vol.1
Label: Atlantic Records

Section: Wade Burkitt
Artist: AC/DC
Title: Highway to Hell
Album: Highway to Hell
Label: Atlantic Records

Section: Erik Ellington
Artist: Danzig
Title: Mother
Album: Danzig
Label: Sony

Section: Friends
Artist: Naked Raygun
Title: Suspects Device
Album: Jettison
Label: Quarter Stick

Section: Aaron Harrison
Artist: The Who
Title: The Real Me
Album: Quadrophenia
Label: Mca Records

Section: Matt Mumford
Artist: Radio Birdman
Title: Early Morning Gunk
Album: Under the Ashes
Label: Trafalger/WEA

Section: Jamie Thomas
Artist: The Chambers Brothers
Title: The Time Has Come Today
Album: Crooklyn Soundtrack Vol.1
Label: Mca Records

Section: Credits
Artist: Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops
Title: (American Salute) When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Album: American Spirit

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