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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Thus Far

Thus Far DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Nate Dean
Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Tim Burlingame, Dillon Buss, Steve Jefferson, Derek Rooney, Buck Squibb, Josh Kelly, Dan Martin, James Casey, Brian Deleney, rich Sutherland, Ryn Cabral, Eric Vogel, Nate Dean, Josh Plasse, John Lavole, Kevin Demello, Shawn Conroy, Eric Spicely, Eric Ppecki, Phil Ashworth, tom Gande, Justin coleman, Chris Barnaby, Dan Lele, Marc Fahringer, Nathan Wolfberg, Shaun Gregoire, Alex Wells.

One of the coolest factors about indy flicks are the new riders, new spots and someone's fresh perspective on assembling a skate video. Vids by large companies are ultimately to push their product. Sometimes that marketing push takes center stage to the video. Indy videos tend to be more about a passion for skateboarding. Nate Dean does a great job capturing skateboarding and building that stoke for the act itself - skating.

He takes the time to sweat the little things and get things just right. With quick cityscape intros and interesting blends from one section to the next, you see a lot of attention to detail - one of the things that really adds a professional touch to any film.

Burlingame has the opening part, in Thus Far, which is cool for a number of reasons. He throws down a solid part that stokes the mood for more skating. He also works at my local skate shop and sells me most of the videos I buy (this one included). When the guy who sells you the DVD also has the opening part, well... that's just pretty cool.

At 30 minutes for the main feature and a hefty heap of bonus material, there's plenty of skating with a lot of diversity. The bonus tracks take you to local parks, a demo on Nantucket and a lot of street footy between RI and Cape Cod... and a few other places.

Tell corporate America to piss off and go buy a copy of Dean's Thus Far. Check out new spots, new riders and the joy of being hung over on a ferry to Nantucket.

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