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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Thrasher's Vidiot

Thrasher's Vidiot - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: High Speed Productions
Released: 1997
Rating: 4 Stars

Charlie Watts, Steve Nardone, Matt Willigan, Panama Dan, Matt O'Brien, John Cardiel, Ezra Brown, Willy Santos, Tony Cox, Kenny Hughes, Dan Drehoble, Max Schaff, Justin Strubing, Chris Pastras, Wade Speyer, Phil Shao, Ed Templeton, Jesse Paez, Tom Pulice, Jon Miner, Josh Kalis, Nate Lyons, Mike Ruczyk, Mike Carroll, Peter Hewitt, Salman Agah, Lance Sawes, Laird Foster, Kerry Getz, Mike Maldonado, Bam Margera, Josh Kasper, Bob Reynolds, Matt Field, Ethan Fowler and many more...

Originally released on VHS in 1997, Vidiot is part of Thrasher Magazine's Skate Video Collection which consists of their first 18 videos.

How'd you get into skating?
Watching others... hanging with other skaters...? Or maybe you saw a cool skate video, dragged your lazy ass off the couch, stole your drunken Mom's credit card and hit up the local skate shop for a ton of merchandise.

Welcome to idiot. Their fat wannabe-skater does just that and continues to make an ass of himself during the frequent interludes in which his pudginess graces the screen. Thank God for fat kids with extreme disorders. They just make the world go ‘round. Of course he realizes that skating is way too intense for his junk-food-scarfing fat-body, so naturally he goes the route of fruit-booting. Hooray for fatties!

Filmed from chicago to South America, this flick was billed as the "how NOT to skate" video. The montages of Vidiot are sure to please. Check out Thrasher's 1997 Skater of the Year, Bob Burnquist. He fully kills every ramp he encounters.

The Bottom Line

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