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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Blind's What If - Special Edition

Blind's What If - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: William Weiss
Studio: Whyte House Productions
Released: 2006
Rating: 5 Stars

Ronnie Creager, James Craig, Jake Brown, Corey Sheppard, Kris Markovich, Aaron Artis, Evan Schiefelbine, Grant Patterson, Jake Duncombe, Carlos Ruiz, Christian Hosoi.

What If is part of a box set also containing Blind's 1991 video, Video Days.

Are you stoked? I am. How many vids do you buy that are Special Editions? I guess the excitement kinda diminishes when you discover that the only dif from the original release is 2 more bonus parts. they're good parts, but... whatever. Hey! Video Days comes with What If. That's cool!

I like skits, but only when they're well done and funny. Too often I wonder why they bothered... or rather, "What If this skit didn't suck ass". What If opens with a very clever skit in which 2 of the guys are scoped by the police who give chase. One cop opens the trunk of his car and whips out a skateboard and gives chase on sk8. They manage to work in the whole team and the fact that cops love nothing more than donuts. The skating cop is played by Christian Hosoi (rather ironic cameo for the time).

Christian tells them the cops just wanted to know when the Blind video was coming out. Which is a fairly legitimate question considering it had been 10 years since their previous offering. Fortunately, it seems that 10 years is ample time to produce a really good sk8 flick. Perhaps that's what enabled Corey Sheppard to reenact the infamous Natas hydrant spin. He does justice to the move, although the Natas' footy in Santa Cruz's Streets on Fire from ‘88 will always be the real-deal.

I don't want to dwell on skits, but Grant Patterson's part opens with a South Park inspired short, called North Park in which the boys are skating the snow and decapitating one another. Kenny is played by the Reaper - very cool. Oh yeah, Patterson's part is good too, but I watched North Park twice.

They film at both of DC Shoes' ramps - Super and Mega. You have to like footy on the Mega Ramp. That thing looks sicker every time I see it - or one of the many variations on it... like Burnquist's backyard. Suffice to say, there's a lot of cool vert footy on the Super Ramp. Vert needs to stay alive - I'm sure Tony Hawk is on the case... no worries.

Ronnie Creager's part starts on Christmas morning 1985 where he finds a new skate under the tree. Crap, I never got any skate stuff for X-mas. Oh well. Creager ends the flick with a great part. Of course that's the purpose of the last part. It has to stoke you in case it takes another 10 years to produce the next video.

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