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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Emerica's Wildlife - Random Transmissions From the Streets

Emerica's Wildlife - Random Transmissions From the Streets - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Come Together Productions
Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Heath Kirchart, Bryan Herman, Austin Stevens, Kevin Long, Ed Templeton, Brandon Westgate, Ben Gilley, Marquis Preston, Leo Romero, Braydon Szafranski, Andrew Reynolds.

This review of Emerica's Wildlife - Random Transmissions From the Streets is based on the promotional DVD packed in with The Feb. 2007 issue of The Skateboard Mag #35.

Harley Davidson logo

I love free DVDs... even if they're just promo ones. Emerica, being a shoe company, is required to put out quality videos. Shoe companies always seem to hit the mark. This promo is right on target.

The first thing that jumped out at me on the packaging (aside from the "Easy Rider" thang) was a Harley Davidson logo along side a few other sponsors. It's no secret that a lot of pro skaters ride motorcycles and Harleys seem to be in vogue. The rough reliability of Harley blends right into skateboard culture. Harleys also have a stately presence you just don't get from riding a day-glow colored crotch rocket.

There are few things as annoying as the high-pitched whiny sound of a crotch rocket bike as it passes you on the highway weaving in and out of traffic. It only gets worse when it's a whole posse of cool-kid wannabes zooming along trying to see who can be the most rad. I hope their under age girlfriends appreciate road rash, cause when you ride like a dick, you're bound to go down sooner or later. Preferably sooner - in their case.

If you own and ride one of these 2-wheeled atrocities, please ride responsibly as I don't care to have rice-grinder debris stuck in my grill and I certainly don't want your bloody body parts bouncing around beneath my vehicle as this will promote rust. Thanx.

This Promo DVD is broken into 3 parts. Two of them are really cool and the third lasts about a minute. As much as I enjoyed this DVD, I don't think a 45 second clip really needs its own menu option. But what do I know?

Wild In The Streets

Did you shirk all responsibility this past June 21st and partake in Go Skate Day? I f you did, we salute you. If you didn't, please mark June 21 on your calendar... it occurs every year. When was the last time you heard anything positive about skateboarding on the local TV news? Never!?! How shocking - me either.

This segment of the DVD shows various newscasts reporting on the phenomenon called Go Skateboarding Day. Here's the catch... I know about it. You know about it. Do you think the average person knows about this esteemed holiday? Hardly. So, as people roll out of bed and get ready to do whatever non-skaters usually do (like commute to work or go shopping), they suddenly see hundreds of people on skateboards descending upon them. Not your everyday type of sighting.

Naturally, this causes a news frenzy as hideously dressed news anchors take to the streets to find out what's going on. No one in a bright pink dress and high heels should be out trying to acquire serious interviews with skaters. As the news teams slowly figure out the day's event, they pick up some new lingo to misuse in their evening newscast. Terms like "big air" and "kickflip" are forced into their broadcasts in inappropriate ways and totally out of context. Way to get rad, newsies!

Wild Ride

Hop on your Harley, get your motor running and make sure you packed all your skate gear, cause the Emerica team is taking to the road. Between June 4 and July 2, 2006 Emerica's Wild Ride from Los Angeles to Chicago (and back via Route 66) was filmed for your viewing pleasure. All 4,836 mile of it, although they edited it down a lot... probably around 35 miles.

They ride their two-wheeled beasts from skatepark to skatepark, pitching tents and tearing up each location - sk8-wise. Backed with good music, we get a black & white view into their skating, motorcycle riding and antics. Good stuff. Next time you're upgrading your sk8 equipment, add a Harley to your wish list.

Sty Gold teaser

This is the 45 second clip I referred to earlier. Hopefully the real-deal, slated to appear in the Spring of 2008, will be more inspiring.

The Bottom Line

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