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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Girl's Yeah Right!

Girl's Yeah Right DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Ty Evans, Cory Weincheque &
Spike Jonez
Released: 2003
Rating: 5 Stars

Richard Angelides, Stephen Berra, Brandon Biebel, Mike Blabac, Steven Cales, Mike Carroll, Jason Dill, Tony Ferguson, Evan Hernandez, Greg Hunt, Marc Johnson, Eric Koston, Bob Kronbauer, Rick McCrank, Robbie McKinley, Lance Mountain, Cameron Postforoosh, Paul Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers, Nate Sherwood, Lee Smith, Brad Staba, Mike Taylor, Tony Trujillo, Ashlee Turner, Anthony Van Engelen, Brian Anderson, Tony Ferguson, Richard Howard, Gino Iannucci, Scott Johnson, Kenny Anderson, Richard Mulder, Mike York, Chico Brenes, Jesus Fernandez, Ricardo Carvalho, Caniel Castillo, Chris Roberts, Keenan Milton, Jeron Wilson and Owen Wilson.

This is one of those videos that will go down in SK8 history as a must-have. Incredible skating mixed with some cool photography & special effects and humor. It features members of the Girl and Chocolate teams along with some cool cameos.

Yeah Right! was released in memory of Keenan Milton (8/4/74 - 7/5/01), a talented fallen skater who was an inspiration to extreme sports athletes worldwide. The film features a montage and tribute narrated by one of Milton's close friends.

The skating kills, so lets take a look at the special effects - an area neglected by most directors. The Pink Skateboard segment features a number of riders passing off a pink skate after doing a trick. Sometimes it was tossed from rider to rider, other times the pass-off was incorporated directly into the next rider's trick. The filming of these pass-offs was flawless and made for a very engaging segment. It featured cameos by Mike Blabac, Greg Hunt, Lance Mountain, Nate Sherwood, Tony Trujillo and Anthony Van Engelen.

As if that weren't enough, they also did a "green skateboard" segment in which all the riders have skateboards that were sprayed green - the magical Hollywood color for removing unwanted elements. In post, the skateboards were removed from the scenes making the riders appear floating on air. From ollies to handrails, the effect was wild. Part of the bonus footage shows them skating on the green boards prior to editing them out. Touches like this make Yeah Right stand out among sk8 videos.

Owen Wilson... um yeah. What the hell is he doing in a sk8 video? For one, a cameo. So, I'm watching Yeah Right and there's this scene by the trunk of a car by which a bunch of skaters are talking trash. The biggest mouth comes from a guy who talks the talk and then grinds a handrail. Allegedly, it's Hollywood actor Owen Wilson. If I were to guess, I'd say a stunt double jumped in on this scene, but we're led to believe that his cool-factor extends to being an accomplished skateboarder. The reality is Eric Koston doubles for him, although Wilson says he skates... but not that well.


Girl Team:
Brian Anderson, Brandon Biebel, Mike Carroll, Tony Ferguson, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, Robbie McKinley, Paul Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers, Jeron Wilson, and Eric Koston

Chocolate Team:
Richard Mulder, Gino Iannucci, Chris Roberts, Mike York, Chico Brenes, Kenny Anderson, Scott Johnston, Daniel Castillo, Justin Eldridge, Ricardo Carvalho, and Marc Johnson

Owen Wilson, Steve Berra, Jason Dill, Anthony VanEngelen, and Lance Mountain

Bonus Stuff

Alternate Edits - Each rider's part has a new perspective. We also see some behind-the-scenes regarding the special effects. Way cool.

Additionally, there is a tribute to Keenan Milton, a slide show with around fifty pics and ads.

Yeah Right SoundTrack

Skater: Brian Anderson
Artist: Interpol
Title: Obstacle 1
Album: Turn On The Bright Lights

Skater: Marc Johnson
Artist: Joy Division
Title: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Album: Permanent

Skater: Rick McCrank
Artist: Le Tigre
Title: Deceptacon
Album: Le Tigre

Skater: Jereme Rogers
Artist: Michael Jackson
Title: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Album: Off The Wall

Skater: Gino Ianucci
Artist: Guns N' Roses
Title: It's So Easy
Album: Appetite For Destruction

Skater: Marc Johnson (Intro)
Artist: Happy Mondays
Title: 24 Hour Party People
Album: Squirrel and G-Man

Skater: Brandon Biebel
Artist: Ghostface Killa feat. Raekwon
Title: Apollo Kids (Instrumental)
Album: Supreme Clientele

Skater: Chocolate Montage
Artist: David Bowie
Title: Fame
Album: Young Americans

Skater: Mike Carroll
Artist: Scarface
Title: Born Killer Album: Mr. Scarface Is Back

Skater: Justin Eldridge
Artist: Incredible Bongo Band
Title: Apache

Skater: Girl Montage
Artist: Death In Vegas
Title: Help Yourself
Album: Scorpio Rising

Skater: Eric Koston
Artist: Frank Black
Title: Los Angeles
Album: Frank Black

Skater: Robbie McKinley
Artist: Talib Kweli
Title: Get By (Instrumental)
Album: Quality

Skater: Keenan Milton
Artist: Royal Flush
Title: Worldwide (Instrumental)
Album: Ghetto Millionaire

Skater: Paul Rodriguez
Artist: Nas
Title: Get Down
Album: God's Son

Skater: Paul Rodriguez 2
Artist: Nas
Title: Made You Look (Instrumental)
Album: God's Son

Skater: Owen Wilson
Artist: Public Enemy
Title: Terminator X Speaks With His Hands
Album: Yo! Bumrush The Show

Skater: Mike York
Artist: Funkadelic
Title: I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing

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