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Three Star Rating Muskabeatz skateboarding skatebaord music CD review

Released: 2002

Imagine getting Biz Markie, Afrika Bambaataa, Raekwon, U-God, Melle Mel, Guru, KRS-One, Jeru, Prodigy, MC Lyte, Special Ed, Ice-T and Flavor Flav to come lay down tracks for a CD you're making. Now imagine this scenario as pro skateboarder Chad Muska makes this all happen. You'd think it would take a music mogul to get all these guys on one CD. The Muska can't be stopped.

However, is this hip hop compilation any good? This is not a Chad Muska rap album. Chad and 1212 Record's Dave Roen fashioned a studio out of a hotel room at the SoHo Grand, and rap luminaries poured in the door to drop some rhymes. this makes Chad's disc more of an original, although he only helped with the beats. Good stuff although I'm more a fan of his skating than his taste in music.


  1. "The Wu Track" Raekwon & U-God
  2. Street Subpoena" The Prodigy
  3. "Fake" Afrika Bambaataa
  4. "Up In Here" Guru & G.R.
  5. "Body Rock" Biz Markie
  6. "I'm A Star" Melle Mel
  7. "Flavor Man" Flavor Flav
  8. "Crooklyn" Special Ed & Shillz
  9. "We Can't Be Stopped" MC Lyte
  10. "Gangsta Rap" Ice T
  11. "Verses Of Doom" Jeru The Damaja
  12. "Get Off Your Ass" KRS-One



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