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Q-Unit - Greatest Hits

Four Star Rating Q-Unit - Greatest Hits skateboarding skatebaord music CD review

Q-Unit - Greatest Hits:
It's hard to say why anyone would ask this, but if they ever did... I'd have to say I'm much more a fan of Freddie Mercury's Queen than I am of 50 Cent, the rapper.

I'm not sure how Jimmy Lesondak, of The Silence Xperiment, feels on the matter, but he must have an affinity for both as creator of Q-Unit. With tracks like "Crazy Little Pimp Called Love" and "Bohemian Wanksta", you almost have to like a mash-up disc like this. A little bit of Queen and a little bit of Q-Unit

This bedroom production crew emerged from the wastelands of California's San Joaquin Valley with perhaps one of the most inspired mash-ups of recent memory. Blending classic Queen cuts with 50 Cent's thuggish doo-wop to form the Q-Unit. The whole idea may have seemed like a piss take on paper, but in reality it was a downright brilliant combination. And while the mashes may not the most intricate in terms of technical prowess (it's no Grey Album), they manage to bump, grind, and come with some serious ironic intonation. Classic.

The best news is; It's FREE. Download the trax (and even the cover art) from



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