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Rob Zombie - Educated Horses

Three Star Rating Rob Zombie - Educated Horses skateboarding skatebaord music CD review

Rob Zombie - Educated Horses:
Following the release of 2001's "Sinister Urge," Rob Zombie took a hiatus from music. During his 5 year absence, he made 2 films, so it was hard to say if he'd return to metal, or just focus on his movie career.

"Educated Horses" may very well be the most focused and professional album of Rob's career. Plus, as songs like the churning "American Witch," and the rhythmic "17 Year Locust" show, Rob still knows his way around a good hook. But, unfortunately, this disc has as many drawbacks as good aspects. There are no classics and no songs that are anywhere near as memorable as, "Dragula," "Living Dead Girl," or "Never Gonna Stop." It's doubtful that any of "Educated Horses" will get stuck in your head.

This is his most experimental and least heavy album. The single, "Foxy Foxy," has a syncopated beat and digitized/electronic vocals, whereas songs like the aforementioned "17 Year Locust" and "The Devil's Rejects" feature a sitar. This experimentation isn't necessarily a bad thing, but most would agree that heavy songs are catchier, more infectious and hold the listener's attention better.

At eleven tracks (with only nine of those being actual songs) and 39 minutes, it doesn't have time to be memorable, to wow the listener, or to be a satisfying step forward from "Sinister Urge." It's curious that it took Rob this long to make a disc this brief.



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