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Skateboard ratings are very subjective. We realize this and do our best to remain sober enough to provide nominally accurate reviews of the skateboard products we view/demo/destroy.


Stars (applies to all reviews):

One Star Rating - Sucks: Don't waste your money. (One Star)
Two Star Rating - Not Worth It: Get one of your friends to pay for it. (Two Stars)
Three Star Rating - Not Bad: Worth watching, but you might not want to buy it. (Three Stars)
Four Star Rating - Good: You'll probably want this in your collection. (Four Stars)
Five Star Rating - Excellent: Beg, borrow or steal. You must own it! (Five Stars)

The Bottom Line (skateboard video / DVD reviews only):

Should you buy, rent or forget this DVD?

Not all five-star skateboard DVDs are worth owning and some three-star ones are. It goes to re-play value. Some skateboard videos are cool to see, but not worth dropping a lot of money on. Thus, we have a three-tier scale based on whether each skateboard video is best as a purchase, rental or complete crap.

  • Buy - Definitely add it to your sk8 collection
  • Rent - Give it a test run and see if you like it
  • Forget - Don't waste your time or money

When it comes to finding skateboard DVDs - for purchase or rental - you may have to try several locations before finding a well-stocked retailer. For purchasing older skateboard DVDs you may want to shop online as that's where you'll likely find the best selection and price.

When we recommend renting, as opposed to buying a skateboard DVD, we're aware that renting skateboard titles is difficult, if not impossible. We suggest this option when we feel you might want to preview a DVD before spending your money to buy a copy. You best bet for rentals are small independent rental stores. Some retail stores have kiosks from which you can view clips from the DVDs. You might also look for clips on line.

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