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Skateboard Shoe Review:Etnies Fielder II

Etnies Fielder II snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review Four star rating

Manufacturer: Etnies
Rating: 4 Stars

The Fielder II isn't a skate shoe. As you may notice, it's also not even a shoe. It's a sandal-like flip flop sort of thing - definitely after-sk8 footwear.
"Why review it?"
Because they're so damn comfy we just had to share the joy.

The joy we are sharing is not of the magnitude an eight-year-old may have on Christmas morning, but closer to that of a junkie who wakes up realizing he's still alive (assuming that's a good thing). With a shoe like this you can't run, tap dance, play Soccer or kick someone in the balls. However, you can walk and sit on your ass in great comfort.

Ordinarily, I don't like sandal-like flip flop things that don't have a toe-holder - is that the right term? I like it when there's something between my big toe and the next toe over (oddly toes don't have names like fingers) that I can cling to when I feel the footwear leaving my foot. It kinda sucks when you make a sudden movement and your footwear shoots out in front of you and you have to go slide your foot back in hoping this time it will stay in place as you try to avoid stepping in anything disgusting. Rest assured the Fielder II stays in place without the clingy toe thing.

I'll mention the comfort aspect again. Damn, they're comfy! They're nicely ventilated and stay cool in the Summer heat while being very durable. I have not been able to get the velcro strap to tear or loosen at all. Speaking of which, the velcro strap makes adjustments easy and precise. I know we're all concerned about the precision with which we are able to fine tune our sandal-like flip flop shoes... right?

I chose the black color with the Rasta highlights. Rastafarian colors seem to be popular... mostly among upper-class white kids who have no clue as to the origin or heritage of said colors. On the other hand, Etnies probably didn't envision a history lesson when they introduced this model's color scheme.

Featuring: super plush adjustable upper, EVA cushioned midsole with huge air bag and durable etnies 400 NBS skate rubber outsole.

Pros & Cons:


  • Comfortable
  • Velcro strap adjusts easily
  • Stays on your foot
  • Durable


  • Not practical for kicking people or things


The Fielder II is a quality and comfortable sandal-like flip flop thingy at a reasonable price.

Etnies Fielder II

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