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Skateboard Shoe Review:Sanuk's Donny Shoes

Sanuk's Donny Shoes snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review Five star rating

Manufacturer: Sanuk
Rating: 5 Stars

When was the last time you heard the phrase "sidewalk surfer"? Before 1980 maybe? Well, it's back and it refers to Sanuk's Donny shoe!

This shoe lives up to it's name. Comfortable as hell and you can surf a sidewalk in comfort and style. Sanuk's Sidewalk Surfer line of shoes features their Barefoot Un-technology. Innovative and completely nifty, this technology melds a shoe and a sandal. What? Yes, the protection of a shoe with the comfort of a flexible sandal.

The flexible upper allows your foot to flex and spread which lets you absorb impacts naturally - the way your feet are supposed to. Don't let all the shock absorbing manufacturers know about this - feet are very artificial to them. This loose fit promotes development of the muscles that support your arches and in turn helps you to walk more naturally. OK, I'm getting a little crunchy with all this, but it's what they tout on their web site.

We've all seen the hang-ten pix from the past in which some crazy dude is bombing a paved hill with all ten toes curled over the nose of his board. As fun and freedom inducing as that seems, one spill and your feet are toast. Sanuk's Donny gives you that barefoot feeling with the protection of a shoe - well more protection than an open sandal.

Pros & Cons:


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Allows for natural walking
  • No pumps, coils, air bags or springs


  • Kind of expensive
  • You may be mistaken as a hippie


It's not for everyone, but it's a fun shoe that lets you safely surf the sidewalks on your longboard with a carefree barefoot feeling.

Sanuk's Donny Shoes

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