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Skateboard Sock Review:Skater Socks

Skater Socks skateboarding review Five star rating

Manufacturer: Skater Socks
Released: 2003
Rating: 5 Stars

I started skating as a kid in the mid 70's. Socks were tall and striped! By the time I restarted my passion for skateboarding I found myself in the late 80's. In those ten years skateboarding's changes were readily apparent from the terrain and tricks to the style and fashion. As time progressed skateboarding went into areas I couldn't even fathom with massive half pipes and different equipment for every condition.

Skater Socks Logo

Today, Tony Hawk isn't the only one to have landed a 900 and many skaters have survived the Mega Ramp. The technical feats in skateboarding - from ramps & parks to the streets - have been pushed to the limit and fortunately the quality of skateboard equipment has kept pace.

My first board was plastic and 6-inches wide with a round holographic inlay. I still remember the day my Mom let me upgrade it with a set of Road Rider 4s. That simple addition is what led me to start riding again in the late 80s on a 10" wide Vision Grigley skull board with a pair of Indy's and G&S wheels.

Don't Skimp on Socks

I was never into "skate shoes", but I've always made sure I had decent socks. Yeah... socks! They seem pretty innocuous, but thin low-quality socks always bothered me. They wear out quickly and change the way your shoe fits. I never associated quality shoes with my skating - I always wanted good socks to make my crappy shoes fit well. A quality sock plays a large role in the fit and feel of your shoes.

Having grown up in the 70s, I've watched the hardware change as well as the fashion. Hardware technology has improved greatly with numerous innovations. Fashion is as fickle today as it ever was, but those thick, tall, striped socks are a rare sighting! Thankfully Skater Socks are working hard to correct that dearth.

Made in America, Skater Socks are 82% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 5% Acrylic and 3% Spandex. They come in a variety of lengths:

  • 14" Kids Striped Socks
  • 19" Mid Calf Striped Tube Socks
  • 22" Knee High Striped Tube Socks
  • 25" Knee High Striped Tube Socks
  • 30" Over The Knee Striped Tube Socks
  • 35" Thigh High Striped Tube Socks

A nice facet to Skater Socks as a company is they are family-run and have a really great grass roots vibe that emanates from their website. You don't get the feeling they run a sock factory that is churning out socks while board members check their stock price. They make a quality product and are very genuine in their passion for creating a superior product with great retro flare!

You can easily order a wide variety of socks from the Skater Socks website.

Pros & Cons:


  • Thick, durable cotton
  • Variety of sizes
  • True to the style of the 60s & 70s
  • Very comfortable



Don't underestimate the utility of good socks. All socks are not equal and if you try a pair of Skater Socks this will be instantly apparent. They are comfortable and thick, giving your foot plenty of cushion while keeping your feet attuned to your board.

Skater Socks

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