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Snowboard DVD Review:Transworld Snowboarding's The Empire

Transworld Snowbaordings The Empire DVD snowboarding skateboarding video DVD review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2001
Rating: 3 Stars

A ton of riders...

Shot on 16mm, this little epic features a lot of good snowboarding footage, but follows very rigidly in the Transworld formula of video making. Nothing is really that stand-out, but it's a good watch and will get you motivated.

There's a lot of footage in snow-parks with only a little bit of mountain-pass takes. Warren Miller mastered the high-up-on-the-peak method of shooting and I can't expect TWS to come close, but a bit more mountain footage would have been nice. I often grow tired of seeing kids shoveling snow around a hand-rail so they can grind their edges off on the metal rail, but still land in snow. Whatever.

I wish someone at TWS would get fired so they could start making great videos. They make good videos, but you can only churn out so many ‘good' videos before people start to realize they've seen it all before. Do something outstanding or at least unique or funny. Perhaps one of their camera-geeks could be run over by a dogsled as someone grinds over an igloo. Somewhere in that mayhem, something highly memorable might result on the film.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm out of beer and had to watch a mediocre flick... who knows. I still like the TW magazines. Does that count for anything?

Bonus Stuff

Out takes, Movie trailer, "HiFi" - a film by Tori Piro and music videos.

The Bottom Line

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