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Snowboard DVD Review:Future Snowboarding 2.3

Future Snowboarding 2.3 DVD snowboarding snowboard skateboarding skateboard DVD video review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Lots of people...

This review of "Future Snowboarding 2.3" is based on the free DVD packaged with the December 2006 copy of Future Snowboarding Magazine, Issue #2.3. In case you're confused, This is the DVD that accompanies this issue of FSM.

Need I say again how much I like free stuff. Not in the sense of some marketing wonk sending some crap for review, but rather finding a pack-in DVD with a copy of a favorite mag - something I actually want. The folks at FSM have done an excellent job in filling this DVD with engaging tidbits and insane footy.

Defective Films presents the best jibs with a discussion of some of their favorite rails and video shoots. The Whiteout director's cut lays out the 4 rules for ditching a video segment.

  • Doubling up a trick
  • Camera malfunction
  • Rider malfunction - flailing, bailing and/or dying
  • Cameraman missing the shot

This all sounds really obvious, but they show you the good and the bad from each category, it's pretty interesting.

The Drift - women's snowboard mag

And for the ladies... This month, Future Snowboarding addresses women's riding with The Drift, "Snowboarding From Her Point of View". This 80-page insert caters to the aspects of women's snowboarding. From travel tips, board reviews, behind the scene players and a 2007 style guide featuring today's top women riders, The Drift is your only source for women's specific riding needs. There's a behind-the-scenes look at the photo/video shoot for the Drift. The women featured are riders, not models. In fact the girls complain that riders should be used to show hard and soft goods for action sports. Who wants to see a skinny model in that role? OK, I do, but their point is well taken. Action sports equipment and clothing is about function and fashion, but not in a model-on-the-runway sort of way. How many models can actually snowboard?

Next we go to the Grenade Games at June Mountain for some cool pipe footage. Then Chris Doyle, from Burton, show us the pro tune-up by sanding and p-texing a board that was very banged up. If it's ride-worthy, a pro tune-up can make a lot of difference from a bottom-sanding to a pro p-tex tool. Shops have tools that just aren't practical for the everyday rider to own. Find a good shop and let them help you out when your stick gets too gnarly.

The FSM Film Fest takes you inside releases from Think Tank, Sunset Films and Autumn Line for a healthy dose of slippery footage. But it doesn't end with video alone, the FSM d00ds also give you 13 MP3s to dl to your favorite player or CD.

The final section is from the sponsors. No one likes to watch commercials, but give this area a glance and see if you can find something of interest. Many of them offer short montages, not just product endorsements. I checked out the Freebord link and discovered how much their product really marries the harsh concrete of skateboarding with the sideways sliding of snowboarding. Pretty cool.

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